NFL heiress accused of bashing lawyer with mirrored purse after anti-Semitic rant


I read the story in The Kansas City Star.

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The statistics show that anti-semitic acts are up significantly in 2017, above what they were in 2016. Here is a link to an article covering the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) statistics for such incidents:
According to the article, "Compared to 2016, each of the first three quarters of 2017 had a higher number of incidents year over year." As the ADL National Director proclaims in the article, “'We are astonished and horrified by the rise in anti-Semitic harassment, incidents and violence targeting our communities,' said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO and National Director. 'While the tragedy in Charlottesville highlighted this trend, it was not an aberration.'"

What's changed since 2016? What's different now? Hmmm...Must be those "Arabs..." like Jacqueline Kent Cooke, and all of those "Arabs" who were marching in Charlottesville, yelling, "Jews will not replace us!"

Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is up in many places throughout the world. And, many of those places have very few Muslims. Roland linked to this article about a new law aimed at ameliorating Poland's actions against the Jewish population there during the Holocaust:

BTW -- The Muslim population of Poland today is estimated at 0.1%. The U.S. Muslim population is a whole 1%. It is fantasy to believe that this new wave of anti-Semtism is mostly because of Muslims. Many Muslims in America are wonderful friends and neighbors! As a matter of fact, the local Imam in Perrysburg has cooperated very well with local rabbis.

a link to an article about a teacher in Florida who ran a white supremacist website.
Just one quote from the article: "Florida middle school teacher Dayanna Volitich submitted her resignation after it was found she was also the host of a white supremacist podcast called 'Unapologetic' and the voice behind a Twitter account riddled with racist and anti-Semitic posts."
Hmmm..."Unapologetic." Interesting title for that website. I seem to know a political leader who never apologizes for anything. But, hey. I know that there's no connection at all between our current POTUS and an increase in the incidences of anti-Semitism since his election.
It's all those Muslims -- right Mikey? Just like the woman who was attacked in Dearborn, Michigan: She was, after all, wearing a hijab. Whatever happened to the First Amendment right to religious freedom? Is that freedom only for Christians?
I agree with Mr. Jacobs. I do not think that Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, is a fascist. All of the evidence points to his being a prototypical enabler, however.
Mikey -- You see? Roland and I are not the only ones who see danger for Jews in the form of our current POTUS being misused by the far right. And Donnahoney is not the only one who thinks that Sir-Tweets-A-Lot is less than intelligent. Mr. Jacobs knows Lyin' Don personally and professionally, and holds that opinion.

You see? Roland and I are not the only ones who see danger for Jews

The President is not anti-semetic. He has a long record of working with Jewish businesses and people. His daughter has even converted to Judaism.

Your hate for him is clouding your judgement. You can't even respect the office and call him the President. You can say a lot for me but when Obama was in office I referred to him as either The President or Obama because I could at least respect the man for the position he held.


What I have said, and I will continue to say, is that this person UNWITTINGLY has created a climate where being openly and vocally anti-Semitic becomes quite acceptable among those extremists who ARE anti-Semitic! As I stated above, he is, "a prototypical enabler." Please read more carefully. You, Mikey, stated that the anti-Jewish movement in America today is mostly driven by Muslims. Roland and I have been consistent and persistent in pointing out that non-Muslims are at the heart of these modern attacks. As far as the Michelin Man's daughter converting to Judaism is concerned, that proves nothing.
As far as Lyin' Don's dealings with Jewish businesspeople are concerned, read the article carefully. As I pointed out, the person cited in the article deals in real estate in New York. He knows Potuzzi personally and professionally. I trust his views of Lyin' Don much more than I trust myself, or you, Mikey!

Keep standing up for Sir-Tweets-A-Lot, Mikey, and keep maintaining that you have no bromance with him! I will repeat what I have stated before about showing respect for our current POTUS. BTW -- I have called him POTUS many, many times, and right here in the Swamp, too. I have more respect for the office of POTUS than does Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like.
When Potuzzi stops using nasty names for others, INCLUDING MANY REPUBLICANS, I will refrain from using nasty references to him! As a military man yourself, I am honestly appalled that you gloss over our Billionaire-in-Chief's disparaging of a true war hero, Republican U.S. Senator John McCain, because he had the temerity to be shot out of the sky in Vietnam and captured. I guess that's because Lyin' Don had such a glorious war record himself.
Oh. I forgot...bone spurs. In my experience, as a person almost the same age as our POTUS, such physical problems like bone spurs get worse over time. But, Lyin' Don (and this is merely ONE of the things that Lyin' Don lies about) seems to walk without a limp at all. He seems to get around quite well. To me. supporting the Michelin Man, and showing him respect is a direct slap at John McCain and all of the others whom Potuzzi demeans consistently. Just answer this one question...has anyone in public office said more nasty things about Republicans than has Lyin' Don? Anyone? Did Obama? Did any Democrat? Any other Republican?

What you said " are not the only ones who see danger for Jews in the form of our current POTUS being misused by the far right."

There was a clear implication there.

"Roland and I have been consistent and persistent in pointing out that non-Muslims are at the heart of these modern attacks." Again a claim with nothing to back it up.

"Keep standing up for Sir-Tweets-A-Lot," I will always stand up when someone distorts the record. It doesn't matter who it is nor if you respect them or not.

You clearly disrespect the President. But that's ok. It shows more about your character.

"Oh. I forgot...bone spurs." which were signed off by an Army doctor. Did you serve? What was your draft status? Did you have an Army doctor sign off on your non participation?


is "being misused by the far right." Now, if YOU think this is calling Lyin' Don anti-Semitic, it says a lot about YOU, Mikey! You inferred what I did not imply!

Remember those marchers in Charlottesville who were yelling, "The Jews will not replace us?" No proof at all? How many times do you want to see this posted, Mikey? For further evidence go to the B'Nai B'Rith ADL website. The number of anti-Semitic actions have increased ever since our Hater-in-Chief started demeaning the office by spewing his hatred against so many, including John McCain!

I disrespect the individual who now holds the office of POTUS, because he disrespects that office with his talk and tweets!

I have had allergies since I was 5 years old. These allergies cause asthma. My asthma is worse now than when I was young. That figures. I now take 3 medications daily, and I carry an emergency inhaler. In contrast, how are Potuzzi's "bone spurs" doing?
Really, Mikey! Our POTUS comes from a very wealthy background. Rich folks have ALWAYS been able to buy a diagnosis to protect their family members. Are you that naive? Opps...I forgot...the bromance you deny.

I'm still waiting for you to post anyone in public life -- Democrat or Republican -- who has said as many hateful things about Republican leaders as had Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like.

who are NOT Muslims. In fact, they oppose Muslims, too. They claim to speak only for "white" America. Here's a link to an article about 3 such Republicans who are likely to represent the Republican Party on November ballots for Congress: For the record, they have been denounced by their state Republican Parties, and/or the National Republican Party.
Here are some quotes from the article:
* " one local poll the leading contender to challenge California Sen. Dianne Feinstein this November, polling at 18 percent in a 32-person race, is an obscure newcomer named Patrick Little, running on a platform of making America 'free of Jews.'”
"Little, who sees himself as a 'civil rights advocate' for white Americans and seeks 'to liberate America from the Zionist occupational government,' told Yahoo News that he chose to run as a Republican because 'third parties tend not to win.'”
*"Paul Nehlen, a prolific Twitter troll who, before he was banned from the site in February for a racist post about the actress and British royal fiancée Meghan Markle, had published a steady stream of diatribes against Jews. He is the self-described 'pro-white' contender in a narrow field of Wisconsin Republicans vying for outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat."
*"Arthur Jones is an outspoken Holocaust denier who, despite being disavowed by the Illinois Republican Party, ran unopposed in the March primary in the heavily Democratic Third Congressional District, representing parts of Chicago’s Cook County. He will be on the ballot as a Republican in November."
Once again, I state clearly that I am NOT claiming that Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, is anti-Semitic! However, he is being misconstrued by some bigoted extremists as cover for their prejudicial views. Once again, I quote the article: "Marilyn Mayo, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League specializing in right-wing extremism, pointed out that extremists running for office is 'not necessarily a new trend. They often run on the Republican ticket,' she said. Both Nehlen and Jones have run in the past."
"What is new, however, 'is that there seems to be a feeling among these candidates that their time has really come, that their views are more likely to be embraced by people,' said Mayo. 'There’s that sense that IN THIS POLITICAL CLIMATE THAT WE'RE IN RIGHT NOW THAT MORE EXTREME VIEWS ARE SOMEHOW MORE ACCEPTABLE.'” [emphasis added]

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