24 WNWO-TV is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting

New Years Eve I was with family and the television had the 11:00 WNWO channel 24 news on. A Sinclair broadcasting propagandist came on with a five minute republican rant. Now I've heard of Sinclair buying up small media outlets across the nation b ut to watch this for real here in Toledo was another thing. The reaction on those in the room with me watching were clueless as to the source or the propaganda effect. I explained what was going on and they just didn't know or really care. This is what is happening in Toledo:
Media consolidation is rampant in Toledo. All of our local radio and all of our major television is now owned by large corporate owners. Just 6 corporations own all of our major Television networks. Even the Toledo Blade has slanted to the right in a decidedly democratic northwest Ohio.
When announcers like Mark Hyman and Fred Lefebvre use terms like Snowflake to discribe people you know you are being played as uninformed.

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Check the ratings , no one watches 24

Yes, Sinclair Broadcast Group does cut local news, increase national news and tilt its stations rightward

Critics have claimed that Sinclair — a company with close ties to the Trump administration and conservative politicians — is pushing its stations away from local coverage and toward a partisan brand of political reporting on national politics.

In new research, we find evidence that that appears to be the case. Stations bought by Sinclair reduce coverage of local politics, increase national coverage and move the ideological tone of coverage in a conservative direction relative to other stations operating in the same market

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Conservatives thereby poison the minds of millions of Americans. Among other things, the MSCM convince common folks that their vote doesn't matter. When voter turnout is low, Republicans win more contests. Republicans do everything they can to keep common folks away from the polls. They're good at it!

LOL Sinclair is a right wing outfit. That's funny!

The bulk of their stations are ABC and CBS affiliates. We better watch out for that GOP driven CBS aka place that allowed Dan Rather to publish untruths.


The network affiliation obfuscates the issue. The ownership, and the editorial content is pertinent. Many people relish controversy and negativity. Your comments underline the fact that broadcasting is a very competitive business driven by money, money, money!

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