24 WNWO-TV is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting

New Years Eve I was with family and the television had the 11:00 WNWO channel 24 news on. A Sinclair broadcasting propagandist came on with a five minute republican rant. Now I've heard of Sinclair buying up small media outlets across the nation b ut to watch this for real here in Toledo was another thing. The reaction on those in the room with me watching were clueless as to the source or the propaganda effect. I explained what was going on and they just didn't know or really care. This is what is happening in Toledo:
Media consolidation is rampant in Toledo. All of our local radio and all of our major television is now owned by large corporate owners. Just 6 corporations own all of our major Television networks. Even the Toledo Blade has slanted to the right in a decidedly democratic northwest Ohio.
When announcers like Mark Hyman and Fred Lefebvre use terms like Snowflake to discribe people you know you are being played as uninformed.

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