Erica Garner dead at 27 of a "heart attack."

If Erica Garner had died at the age of 27 when Obama or Clinton were POTUS, Farmer Gal and the other conspiracy-theory kooks would have claimed that she was killed by the Liberals to hide "something!" But, even though she was a "thorn in the side" of conservatives who regularly make excuses for murders cloaked as law enforcement, no matter how egregious the actual crime, I have not seen one Liberal outlet accuse any conservatives of staging her death to look like a heart attack yet. After all, she was only 27! Hmmm...

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I had to do a little searching before I could find out just who Erica Garner was and why the Liberals killed her. Here are two links that tell the basic story, and it isn't a happy one.

From NPR: Erica Garner, Who Became an Activist After Her Father's Death, Dies

Erica Garner became a prominent figure calling for an end to police brutality, as her father's last words became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. She began staging weekly "die-ins" on the sidewalk in front of a beauty supply store in Staten Island, the site where the New York City police officer put her father in the fatal chokehold.

From NPR: NYC Man's Chokehold Death was a Homicide, Medical Examiner Says

Eric Garner, the unarmed man who died two weeks ago after police placed him in a chokehold, was a victim of homicide, says New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Garner's death was captured in a video that showed his confrontation with police on a Staten Island sidewalk.

An NYC cop kills Eric Garner, but the grand jury fails to indict him - which means there's a lot more to the story that will very likely never be told. I'm thinking negligent homicide is more likely than murder one, but what do I know?

Erica Garner had her first heart attack when she gave birth to her son three months ago. Shortly after her final heart attack she was declared brain dead. She suffered from an enlarged heart and from asthma.

Losing your father prematurely (understatement) causes tons of stress; asthma attacks are often brought on by stress. Being an activist is a stressful lifestyle. So, her heart gave out, and that, as they say, is that.

I don't see much fuel for a conspiracy here, nor do I actually believe that the Liberals killed her to hide something. She died of natural causes, and many people will miss her. Maybe not the owner of the beauty salon where she staged regular 'die ins', but numerous other people.

Now Vince Foster, he was murdered.

Mad Jack
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Really. Vince Foster again? I thought that was beneath you, MJ.

I'm pulling your chain, Dale.

Mad Jack
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Yank away!

Even though conservatives had every reason to want Erica Garner dead, no left-wing media outlet yet has stated in any way that Lyin' Don, or any other conservative icon, actually had her killed in such a way as it would look like a natural heart attack. Yet, you, MJ, once again bring up the death of Vince Foster as though his death was a murder for sure.
In your world, and the world of so many right-wingers, Liberals kill but it is unthinkable that conservatives would kill. Double standard much?.

to them, only 8% of women who have heart attacks are under the age of 55! And Ms. Garner was only 27! Hmmm...

Well there you go then. So, since Ms. Garner was 27, which is 28 years under 55, and she was a protestor and all... well, the handwriting is on the wall.

Mad Jack
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likely. There are conspiracy theorists of all idealogical stripes. Generally, conspiracies are poppycock! They make for great controversy, and people often make a LOT of money writing about them, but they are still poppycock!

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