Ron Paul has been predicting a stock market crash for over 5 years at least!

Ron Paul predicting that the stock market will crash in NOT NEWS! In minimal research, I traced negative statements about a stock market crash, at least back to 2012! At that time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 13,344. As I write this, the DJIA is well over 24,000. In simple terms, if one listened to Ron Paul 5 years ago, and sold all of one's stocks, one would have missed out on about an 82% increase in stock value!

I should clearly state this: Ron Paul will -- eventually -- be correct. Stocks do NOT go up and up and up forever. There are periodic downturns. Some downturns are very serious! In fact, from October 9/10, 2007 to March 9, 2009, all 3 major stock averages went down over 50%! But, timing is everything. And, in the long run, investing in good, strong, long-term stocks, has been of great reward to those who do so.

Now, I understand why Ron Paul is doing and saying what he is doing and saying. He's getting a LOT of attention on talk shows, and he is selling lots of books. Good for him. That's the American way! He may even sincerely believe in what he is saying. But, my point is, he has been saying it for a LONG time now. Even if he is totally correct, and stock market evaluations do drop in half, these averages will still be nearly TWICE AS HIGH as they were in early 2009!
Personally, in the last 5 years, my limited portfolio has increased 11.52% per year, or a total of about 84% overall! No thanks to Ron!

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