Hickey running for WLS school board

The disgraced fired former superintendent of Washington Local Patrick Hickey is running for school board. This perverted turd reminds me a lot of are current potus. He just denies all his crimes and indiscretions, lies and attacks anyone who questions what he did. He also has his own kool-aid drinking group of supporters who ignore his past. Like the potus, this guy has some mental problems. If this guy gets elected WLS is going down the tubes.

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This is what is wrong with the school systems. Addison HS, approx. 25 years ago.
You have a teacher/coach who was accused and supposedly seen as having sex with some of his students. This turd was forced to resign. IF you were the principal that fired this pervert, why you write him a letter of recommendation? Come to find out that principal was a turd also and robbing the school blind. Hick got lucky. He didn't want any investigations going on. Pass their problem on.
Hickey supposedly left Findlay under suspicious circumstances. The record of his stay there were destroyed in a fire. How convenient. He is passed on to Washington local. Spending district money recklessly , bringing his cult church into the schools, pulling shady deals without the boards knowledge and to top it off having affairs with married teachers. This turd might get on the school board. Lie and deny is his mo. I just can't believe that voters are falling for his bull shit. Washington local is going down the tubes.

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Sadly, voters too often fall for celebrity, even negative celebrity. As Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."
He could have also said that he could be heard clearly on video bragging about how he could grab women in their private areas, and they would do nothing negative because of his celebrity.
This is merely a case of history repeating itself in a local race. Voters claim that they want candidates who are of high moral character...really??
BTW -- I understand that Mark Cuban is getting really serious about running for POTUS in 2020. After all, he is rich, and knows TV! Celebrity triumphs over governmental experience even at the highest level!

Hickey screwed underage girls at Addison. At Washington local he manipulated the two board members who senile and in their nineties.He was in bed with Hunter the board president, who got 5 or 6 of his relations hired in. Hickey and Hunter shared a summer home up north. Hunter covered for Hickey when the allegations from Addison came out by that tv reporter. Hunter swept it under the rug. Hickey had dirt on him. Hunter let Hickey do whatever he wanted including using the local's funds for his personal gain and the whole Ron Clark scam that the district paid out over a hundred grand for. For what? Kickbacks.
Hickey then was screwing teachers in the high school while stalking them and a board member who called this turd out. Now this phony just lies and denies. Another Trump.

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On Thursdays ( 11/2 ) show, Fred will have a person from Addison on to talk about what Hickey did when he taught and coached there in the early nineties. Hickey got lucky back then that the principal at the time was robbing the school blind and didn't want the police
doing any investigating or nosing around.

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WLS parents supply your children with mace and keep a good eye on them. The Pedophile has been elected to the school board. Voters now a day are either uninformed or just plain stupid, not voting in their own best interest.. You can rape children,intimidate subordinates to have sex with you (teachers) or grab woman by their pussies, its ok now. Character doesn't matter anymore. The con men have won again.

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Hickey is mentally unstable.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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