Fake News Potuzzi believes; and his followers believe him!

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like believes EVERYTHING that some put out in the MSCM [MainStream Conservative Media], and NOTHING reported by legitimate news sources like CNN. This from CNS News: http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/hans-von-spakovsky/new-report-exposes-...

Why is this CSN so-called "revelation" "Fake News?" Even if we assume that the admitted "projection" of double voting is accurate, the total of 45,000 votes out of the nearly 129,000,000 votes cast in the 2016 POTUS Election, only amounts to 0.035% of the total vote. That's not 1 (whole) per cent. That's not even 1/10 of 1%. It's not even 1/2 of 1/10 of 1%.
The next demonstrably false assumption we would have to make is that every single one of these "double" votes would be cast for Hillary, when she attained a little less than half of all the popular votes cast [48.3%]! [Lyin' Don had 46.1%.] Among those who are at least double registered are: Potuzzi's daughter, Tiffany Trump; Potuzzi's son-in-law, Jared Kushner; close advisor, Steve Bannon; former press secretary, Sean Spicer; Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, and, to top it off, "True the Vote" board member, Gregg Phillips, was TRIPLE registered in 2016. I'm sure they all voted for Hillary...NOT!

CNS makes specious claims about the where any fraudulent votes would go en masse. These claims would be funny if they weren't put forth as factual. Now, THAT'S FAKE NEWS!!

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pundit stated: "I am not a fan of facts. You see, facts can change, but my opinion will never change, no matter what the facts are." These are words which Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, lives by. And, he has many adherents, right here in the Swamp!
Never, never, never, allow facts to get in the way of your opinions!

Man who never met a burger he didn't like!
Potuzzi has been unrelenting in his criticisms of the agreement between the United States and Iran to severely limit Iran's nuclear program. Nevertheless, Sir-Tweets-A-Lot has reauthorized the agreement TWICE since being sworn in as POTUS. Remember...big talk and no action Potuzzi? By law, the POTUS must recertify to Congress every 90 days that the agreement is not being violated! Hmmm...
And, now, both Potuzzi's own Secretary of Defense, Retired General Jim Mattis, AND the Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, are of the opinion that, contrary to what Lyin' Don proclaims over and over again, the Iran nuclear agreement is a good thing for the good ol' USA, as reported by Faux News in the following article: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/03/mattis-backs-iran-deal-ahead-...
As Secretary Mattis stated when asked by Sen. Angus King (I) Maine, on whether Mattis thought there was a "national security interest" to remain in the Iran deal, the retired general said, "Yes, sir, I do."
And, this from Gen. Dunford, "The agreement right now, what I testified to last week, Iran is not in material breach of the agreement,” Dunford told lawmakers on the panel. “And I do believe the agreement, to date, has delayed the development of nuclear capability by Iran.”
BTW -- While first appointed to a two-year term by President Obama in 2015, Gen. Dunford was nominated for a second two-year term earlier this year by guess who?
Of course, we all know that Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, knows more than all of the generals and admirals. How do we know this? Because Sir-Tweets-A-Lot says so...that's how!!

met a burger he didn't like. Like a typical politician, Sir-Tweets-A-Lot has told this lie many times. This from the CNBC website: "On Tuesday, President Donald Trump again repeated his claim that U.S. citizens pay an unfairly high tax burden. 'We're the highest taxed nation in the world,' he said, according to NPR White House reporter Scott Horsley. 'People want to see massive tax cuts.'" What a politician! Liar, liar, liar!
In fact, the United States is one of the LOWEST taxed nations in the world! Further along in the article, there is a chart which shows that our citizens pay about 26% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in taxes. The average for the 35 member nations of the OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, is 34%. Only Mexico, Chile, Ireland, and Korea pay a lower percentage!
Here's a link to the entire article: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/26/trump-claims-america-has-the-highest-tax...

Many of those who voted for Potuzzi said they did so because they were tired of voting for politicians who lied to them. Here he is, being a politician who lies constantly! Sorry, folks.

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, just keeps the Fake News a-comin'! Why does EVERYTHING have to be about him, and how great he perceives himself to be? Below are reports from the Faux News website.http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/17/trump-doubles-down-on-slain-soldier-comments-obama-didnt-call-john-kelly-when-son-died.html
In answering a question about why 4 days had passed since a group of soldiers was killed in an ambush in Niger and the POTUS had not contacted the families, he first stated that: "I actually wrote letters individually to the soldiers we're talking about, and they're going to be going out either today or tomorrow," he said, meaning he wrote to the families of the fallen soldiers.
Then, "He said he planned to call them, crediting himself with taking extra steps in honoring the dead properly. 'Most of them didn't make calls,' he said of his predecessors. He said it's possible that Obama 'did sometimes,' but 'other presidents did not call.'"
Of course, this guy loves the sound of his own voice, so he goes on, “I really speak for myself. I don’t speak for other people. I don’t know what Bush did. I don’t know what Obama did. … But I believe his policy is somewhat different than my policy.” What a liar!
This from the Bush camp: "Bush, even at the height of two wars, 'wrote all the families of the fallen,' said Freddy Ford, spokesman for the former president. Ford said Bush also called or met 'hundreds, if not thousands' of family members of the war dead."
An Obama spokesperson was much harsher on Potuzzi: "'He's a deranged animal,' Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former deputy chief of staff to Obama, tweeted about Trump Monday. With an expletive, she called Trump's statement in the Rose Garden a lie."

Sir-Tweets-A-Lot is just so ludicrous! First of all, it's all about HIM! The fallen soldiers are an afterthought to Potuzzi. Instead of making the proper courtesy contacts, Lyin' Don makes this an issue focusing on his perception of his own perfection. Is his ego so fragile that he craves constant adulation for just doing what is proper?
Secondly, as is his wont, he lies! Here is what both a family member and her local Member of Congress agree Potuzzi said to her, when he made a phone call that was supposed to console her for her loss: "The mother of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger is confirming a report that President Donald Trump told his widow he 'knew what he signed up for.'
Cowanda Jones-Johnson spoke to the Associated Press via Facebook message Wednesday. A Florida congresswoman said previously that Trump made the statement to Myeshia Johnson on Tuesday during a telephone call as she was on the way to Miami International Airport to meet the body of her husband, Sgt. La David Johnson.
Jones-Johnson says she was in the car and "the statement is true." She added that 'not only did he disrespect my son' but Trump was disrespectful to her son's widow. Jones-Johnson said she did not record the conversation.
Trump said on Twitter that Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson 'fabricated' the account."

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, is just another politician who will say anything that makes him look good. Those who love him -- and there are millions who do -- believe every word he says and/or tweets. How profoundly sad!

How can any American be proud of this?

I watched the video. John Kelly clearly lied about what Rep. Frederica Wilson said when she spoke about a building that was constructed in her district. Instead of praising Obama, as Kelly fallaciously stated Wilson did in his malicious, lying attack, Rep. Wilson highly praised then Speaker of the House, John Boehner, a Republican! She also asked every law enforcement officer in the audience to stand up, so that all there, including her, could applaud them. How do I know this? IT'S ON TAPE! I HEARD IT AND I SAW IT!!
Here's a link to an article which includes the video from 2015: https://www.yahoo.com/news/video-undermines-white-house-attack-rep-wilso...

Up until now, I held Gen. Kelly in the highest regard. Not only did he serve his country in the military, risking his life so that we can enjoy our freedoms, but one of his children lost his life in Afghanistan serving in the military. However, Gen. Kelly has now lowered himself to join Potuzzi in the political muck and mire, and become a political tool of the current POTUS. What else could explain why John Kelly would tell such bald-faced lies?
Lyin' Don, and Lyin' John...two peas in a pod!

and accusing the media of doing so. Here's what Potuzzi tweeted: "I hope the Fake News Media keeps talking about Wacky Congresswoman Wilson in that she, as a representative, is killing the Democrat Party!"
Lyin Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, just refuses to admit that he is the POTUS! Everything he tweets or says become news. If the news media does not report what he says or tweets, they're not doing their jobs! Duh! And, if anyone is "killing" a political party, it's Lyin' Don himself, killing the Republican Party. Really! Name one leading Democrat who has said more nasty things about Leading Republicans than has Potuzzi?

And, of course, media savvy as he is, Sir-Tweets-A-Lot diverts attention away from the fact that he, and General Kelly both LIED. Here is what Potuzzi said. It's on tape: “I didn't say what that congresswoman said. [I] didn't say it at all – she knows it."
AND, "Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!" Both statements are LIES!
Here's what Kelly said from his perspective at a 2015 announcement about a bulding being built in the Florida district Wilson represents, "'A congresswoman stood up, and in a long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there in all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building, and how she took care of her constituents because she got the money, and she just called up President Obama, and on that phone call, he gave the money, the $20 million, to build the building, and she sat down,' Kelly told reporters."
"'We were stunned. Stunned that she had done it. Even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned,' he said. 'But none of us went to the press and criticized.'"
General Kelly LIED! I saw the video. I heard what Wilson said. You can watch it, too. [See above post with link.]
Lyin' John and Lyin' Don. They're quite a pair of "empty barrels!"

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