No need to post his asinine tweets he does every day or links to all the lies and made up stories he tells. We have another moron in North Korea trying to start a war, the turmoil in the middle east, the Republicans in congress trying to fuck the middle class with their Trumpcare, terrorist acting up and what is this POTUS concentrating on?
Tweeting insults at cable talk show host. Tweets by the way that are not factual and read like they were written by a 10 year old child.
I defy anybody to tell me that Trump does not have mental issues. I think the roots of those hair plugs he got must of grown down into his brain.
Members of his cabinet have had to recuse themselves from investigations because they are dirty. Trump should recuse himself from the presidency and go back to NY and act like the big important man he thinks he is.

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Everyone in the world knows that Russia meddled in our elections. Putin denies it. The bad
part is Trump is scared to say Putin did it. What is he hiding??????????

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

What is Melania's connection with the Russian government?

reveal this! The MSCM LOVE Lyin' Don's "Family Values" so much!!

Some people have said there may be Russian intelligence hiding in plain site in the White House inner circle. Could that be true?

That could make them "in like Flynn," huh!

OK...I am very skeptical, and I believe it to be counter-productive for those who can't stand our current POTUS, to speculate about future moves. Many of Potuzzi's foes are now proffering the idea that Lyin' Don is seriously discussing pardoning people involved in the FBI probes about the ties between the Michelin Man's people and Russian leadership, including Russian President Vlad the Impaler.
Being the skeptic I am, I went to the Faux News website and did a search of "Presidential pardons," in order to get their take on this issue. I found NOTHING about our current POTUS! What I DID find was a Bill O'Reilly interview from 2016 with right-wing comedian, Dennis Miller. In that segment, Miller listed 5 people he was confident that President Obama would pardon. It was obvious from the discussion that both Dennis and Bill were outraged at this prospect.
Of the 5 people, one was dead and had already been pardoned, not by Obama, but by Bill Clinton back in the 90s! Talk about digging up ancient history! Of the other 4 listed by pundit Miller and his sponsor O'Reilly, NONE were pardoned by Obama. NONE!!
Now THAT'S "fake news" on Faux News!!
Here's a link to the segment:

news" after all!
"'Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders about to take Spicer's job?'
'Sources tell CNN President Trump is paying close attention to the performance of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the White House briefing room this week. Some even suggest Sanders could become the replacement for current press secretary Sean Spicer.' CNN's Sara Murray reports.Source: CNN"

Now, OVER TWO MONTHS LATER, according to Faux News: "Spicer resigns as press secretary in White House shakeup"
"White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned Friday, [7-21-2017], in a move apparently tied to the hiring of a new top communications aide, marking a major shakeup in the president's press shop at an already tumultuous time."
Seems as though Faux News was surprised that this happened. The real "Fake news" is on Faux News and the rest of the MSCM!

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