We now seem to be in an era of full-blown celebrity Presidents.


The latest two I have heard who are deciding whether or not to challenge for POTUS in 2020 are Mark Cuban and Dwayne Johnson. Now, before anyone goes crazy about how unqualified these two are to be our POTUS, remember who the POTUS actually is right now! Cuban is very, very rich, so he must be brilliant and unassailable. He is also on a TV show...celebrity cred for that! And Johnson is a famous pro wrestler, formerly known as "The Rock," and movie star, who is not too poor himself.
Cuban made his money mostly in the tech industry, but also owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. And they actually won the NBA championship in 2011!
Most Americans, apparently, are fed up with people who actually learn the craft of governing by winning elections, and governing at lower levels than POTUS. Most Americans want flash in their candidate, not knowledge and expertise. Do any "politicians" really stand a chance against Cuban and/or The Rock? How about Jon Stewart? Or Steven Colbert? They're both rich and famous. What about Samantha Bee...OOPS! She was born a Canadian!
We want a celebrity POTUS! And we don't care if that person tells the truth of not. It's "truthiness" we desire...and from Faux News, of course!

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This seems to be the case now a days. Comparing Cuban & Johnson to Trump is not accurate however (not that you were trying to do that). Cuban & Johnson were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Both of them appear (from every time I seen or heard them talk) to be intelligent , charismatic and decent individuals. Trump has been an asshole for years and he still got elected. Either one of these two would be a hundred times better than the pathetic con man we have now who still at age 70 is resentful that his hands and dick are so small.

Happy Mothers Day!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

And to all of the mothers who deserve to have every day be Mothers Day, Happy Mothers Day!
On this day each year, I not only think lovingly of my wife and the other parents in our family now, but also of my own deceased mother and her sisters, who were like surrogate mothers to me until they were deceased as well. Along with my mother, I was blessed to have aunts who were always loving and supportive of me and my family. My aunts were also wonderful, caring parents to their own children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and I will bless their memories on this special day every year that I am alive.
A special shout-out to my surviving aunts, my Uncle Ben's wife, Helen Pertcheck, and my Uncle Marvin's wife, Janet Rifkin. They are special people to me, and deserve to have a very Happy Mothers Day today!

The Rock on Fallon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c8-H4RHIZQ Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, even has a slogan, "More poise; less noise."
Mark Cuban on The View: http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/19/mark-cuban-answers-2020-rumors-on-the-... "Joy Behar asked him [Cuban] a question that is apparently on some people’s minds. 'Okay so Mark, your name has actually been tossed around as a potential presidential candidate. Let’s make some news here. Are you into it?'
'Definitely,' the 58-year-old billionaire replied half-jokingly. 'We’ll see what happens.'"

Celebrity vs. celebrity vs. celebrity. James Madison is turning over in his grave. Madison could NEVER get elected in this era of flash over substance. He was a slightly-built guy, about 5'5" tall, weighing maybe 120+ pounds. And he had a high, thin voice. He neither "looked" Presidential, nor did he sound "Presidential." Who would vote for someone like that in the 21st Century??
We want Lyin' Don...or The Rock...or Mark Cuban! We don't want no stinkin' politician who might actually know how government functions, and know when to keep his big mouth shut!!

for POTUS. Here is a quote from Jeb Bush: "Bush also lamented the rise of celebrity politicians — [Mark] Cuban, among them — as he pondered the future of the GOP.
'We may have really talented people that are really good on TV being our leaders for a while until we sort things out,' Bush said, noting that Cuban was on Saturday’s speaking program. 'Ideas and policy really matter. It’s not just about personality.'”
Amen, Jeb!

governor of New York. Here's a link to the article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/cynthia-nixon-officially-announc...
Her next step may be a run for POTUS. Who knows? As the article states: "Nixon now joins the still-growing list of celebrities entering the political arena — the most notable one being the former Apprentice star and current Commander-in-Chief." Hmmm...a "still growing list of celebrities..." Hmmm...

like expertise and experience when it comes to electing folks to high office. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/22/opinion/cynthia-nixon-experience-gove...
The author frames the debate well. In what other field besides government service would we assume that one can start at a very high level, and that experience and expertise are a drawback rather than a benefit?
It will be fascinating to see if the Democrats in New York are just as "star-struck" in 2018 as were the Republicans in the Presidential primaries were in 2016. If so, the era of celebrity candidates has surely arrived!

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