Trump a one-term Prez? Already?


Very possibly IMO. He has let Paul Ryan and (to a lesser degree McConnell) take over the presidency. Globalists, insiders, and naturally, liberal Dems are delighted. And laughing at him, although he doesn't appear to understand this. He appears to be allowing Ryan to lead him around with an invisible ring in his nose. Ryan & McConnell appear to have taken his measure, saw that the prez wants, above all, to be loved, and are controlling him accordingly. Ryan KNOWS the base that got Trump elected is conservative, and that base dislikes Ryan's policies intensely. And has disliked Ryan's liberalism long before Trump's campaign ever began.

First I will say this. Conservatives, and others will be grateful for one main thing. Trump defeated Hillary. We won't lose sight of that. But he has shocked his voter base, and many will not vote for him again, if this betrayal continues.

Michael Savage has asked who Trump supporters think is/are Trump's biggest problem. Answer: Ryan and McConnell.

Limbaugh thinks Trump voters will never desert him. RL is wrong. And the desertion will be almost total if Trump caves on Supreme Court nominee no. 2. The Dems are worried about the NEXT pick, not this one. And McConnell is, as I type, considering a Dem proposal that is about pick no. 2. And it stinks.

Goes something like this. Dems in Senate know Gorsuch will go through. So they reportedly have presented this deal to McConnell. Promise to not use the nuclear option on pick no. 2, and they will "allow" Gorsuch to go through. McConnell (a shyster extradordinaire in my opinion) is said to be considering this. When most Republicans are saying "go nuclear on both picks".

If Trump picks another Kennedy, for instance on his second nomination, you may rest assured the fix is in, and conservatives will not, I am convinced, give him 2nd term. Kennedy, btw, has often been reported to best buds with Laurence Tribe.

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And so soon?? Maybe...maybe not.
A little "buyer's remorse" over the Lyin' Don victory already? Not so nice, when the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, starts attacking "true believers" in the so-called "Freedom Caucus", huh?
I have often lamented the divisiveness of overly partisan politics FROM BOTH THE FAR RIGHT AND THE FAR LEFT! Government governs best when there are compromises from the extremes, and government governs from the center of extreme ideologies. Take the best from both sides, and actually govern, instead of putting up roadblocks to progress.

For example, few argue that we do not need serious investments to upgrade our nation's deteriorating infrastructure. Obama proposed this, but the Republicans were so ideologically oriented that they would not approve ANYTHING proposed by Obama. Now, Lyin' Don has proposed a similar initiative. Let's pass it! Let's move America forward! Is any thinking person so naive as to believe that there is handwringing and ideological maneuvering in China over such issues? NO!! They just get on with it! But, we will build things better!

It appears that another Republican/conservative/Trumpian issue may well be abandoned by a large segment of the conservative/Republican base -- the infamous "border tax." Here's an article about it:
The article begins with this: "One conservative group produced colorful flow charts warning millennials that a 'border adjustment' tax proposed by Speaker Paul D. Ryan would raise prices on 'the Jose Cuervo tequila that's in your happy hour margarita.'
Three days later, a second conservative group kicked off a lobbying campaign saying it would amount to a $1.2 trillion tax on seniors and the working poor.
The next day, still another group weighed in, issuing a news release that highlighted how Latinos would be 'among those hardest hit' by the new tax on imports.
All three organizations share a common lineage: They are part of the political network overseen by Charles D. and David H. Koch, the billionaire conservative philanthropists. Now they are among a host of conservative organizations mounting a furious campaign against a new tax on imports proposed by House Republicans, imperiling what is supposed to be a centerpiece of the Republican tax overhaul effort."

Anyone who knows anything about economics fully comprehends that any tax on imports is ultimately paid by consumers, not by foreign nations nor by foreign or multinational corporations. Such taxes, tax common folks, not wealthy stockholders nor high-priced corporate executives. To repeat one of the quotes from the article stated above: "Three days later, a second conservative group kicked off a lobbying campaign saying it would amount to a $1.2 trillion tax on seniors and the working poor." Talk about stifling economic growth! Try taking billions from American consumers. That'll do it!
On another thread, right here in The Swamp, I quoted Mark McKinnon, who orchestrated W's Texas Gubernatorial re-election campaign, and both of W's wins for POTUS: "As history has repeatedly proven, one trade tariff begets another, then another - until you've got a full-blown trade war. No one ever wins, and consumers always get screwed."

a POTUS who is opposed to equal opportunity for women. By believing all of the worst about Hillary, and voting for Lyin' Don, you are "rewarded" with the rolling back of POTUS actions by Obama which gave average folks, especially women, tools to protect themselves in the workplace.
BTW -- when are those indictments of Hillary coming for all of her "illegal" activities? Remember the rallies? Jail her? When is that happening? All talk; no action!!
With his latest executive orders, Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, shows his true attitude toward women in the workplace. And, it is no coincidence that giant corporations like Faux News and Walmart are among those who had been directly affected by Obama's previous executive orders and are now bailed out by Lyin' Don.

Here's a link to the article. Judge for yourself:

giant corporations, while concurrently taking away a little more privacy from common folks. This may be surprising to those who really believed Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like. Millions of common folks really believed that this billionaire would nevertheless look out for them if he became POTUS, and that Hillary would sell out to the giant corporations! WOW!! What a misinterpretation! It is, indeed, the world turned upside down!
Here's a link to the article about this:

I, too, have concerns about the power of giant corporations. I just cannot conceive how we are better protected as common folks by placing into the position of POTUS a man who knows nothing about the struggles of the common person. Here is a person raised in a wealthy family, who has never known anything but opulence. And he's supposed to protect us common folks from his buddies who run giant corporations, and most of whom he counts as personal friends? Are you kidding??

political party? Here's a link to an article about Lyin' Don supporting the unsupportable, misogynist, Bill O'Reilly:
I must add...IMHO Bill O'Reilly does love long as they are subservient to him and comply with his every request! This sounds just like another infamous person to me. Hmmm...

Really, conservative Republicans...did you make the right choice in the Republican primaries? Is Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, the best choice you could make to represent the political party which claims to be the protector of "Family Values?" Which of his 3 families are representative of the "Family Values" the Republicans want to provide for us? Whose "Family Values" does he represent? The Borgia family, perhaps?

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