Liberal Super can'[t handle the truth


Interesting to watch liberal media try to bury this:

And of course the liberal school super is nuts. This is what 8 years of Obama has left us with. Pure insanity in allowing any and all into the country - and our children are paying the horrendous price.

And there is the 5-year-old - one wonders if SHE will ever recover:

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Anyway, here is article with info on 5-year-old:

The mother asks the question many of us have been asking for years -- why are illegals and refugees given FREE just about everything, while the poor, working class, and middle class American citizen taxpayers are paying their way?

We are being forced to pay for the destruction of our own country, whilst the overpaid and molly-coddled professional political class sit in Washington [well they sit there a few months a year] twiddling their thumbs, pretending they don't know how bad it has become out here in the real world. Is it even possible for liberals to actually identify evil anymore?

How about THIS?

My theory is this. Anyone who thinks it is ok to murder babies in the womb, doesn't care about children to begin with.

These miscreant criminal illegals and so-called "refugees" need to be sent packing ASAP!

hell with sending them packing. Kill those bastards

The rapist of the 2-year-old should get the death penalty - absolutely! I thought about that after I posted. Recently reading through some of the laws in the O.T. (that would be Hebrew laws from God, handed down through Moses), the law on rape is that the rapist was to be put to death. Instead, liberals in the U.S. insist that any resulting BABY be executed. That is liberalism in a nutshell - kill babies. Kill the ones who are completely innocent, who cannot run nor defend themselves. But protect and molly-coddle the rapist at all costs.,

Remember when (not too long ago) a local common pleas judge gave a rapist 70 years? The rapist went berserk in court. What? He thought he would get a slap on the wrist and community service? This is where liberalism has brought the country. Most citizens know right from wrong - but liberals in media, the Supreme Court, and various judges elsewhere have made the legal system something of a joke [the CP judge above being an obvious exception].

Atty General Sessions has announced that sanctuary cities will begin to be punished. It's a start in the fight for a return to decency.

"My theory is this. Anyone who thinks it is ok to murder babies in the womb, doesn't care about children to begin with."

There is the problem. A dumb ass low IQ statement made by a low IQ dumb ass.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

do an article on these tragedies:
As the article states: "When children of color go missing, authorities often assume they are runaways rather than victims of abduction."
And..."The [Washington] Metropolitan Police Department recorded 501 cases of missing children so far in 2017, and said 22 cases are open as of Wednesday."
Besides the missing and exploited among these children, many of the runaways are victims of various forms of abuse. That's why they run away! Duh!
But the MSCM doesn't really care about a score or so of children of color. That's "their" problem, after all.

ALL RAPES AND ALL CASES OF SEXUAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSES ARE TRAGEDIES!! All who are complicit in aiding and abetting such horrors deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

don't read the MSCM sites on the internet, so I really don't know. BTW -- I also avoid watching MSNBC. I follow neither far right nor far left media outlets.
Is this girl's death not a tragedy? Is the bill her family received to replace the guardrail which failed, thereby causing this girl to lose her life, not enough of an outrage to inflame the MSCM or you, FG?
BTW -- The Governor of Tennessee since 2011 is Bill Haslem, a Republican. The current makeup of the Tennessee State Legislature is 73 Republicans, 25 Democrats, and 1 vacancy. And, if you read the article in full, the guardrails were an inferior model that was cheaper. The State of Virginia removed these guardrails from their approved list two months ago. Oh, and the State of Tennessee also removed this guardrail from its approved list, but not in time to save this life!
Typical Republican/conservative move. Save money in the short run at the possible expense of human life. After all, don't most of those who contribute millions upon millions to get Republicans elected at all levels of government have professional drivers? And average Republican voters just keep electing these who only pray at the shrine of the all-mighty dollar!!
Interesting though, no one in the State of Tennessee will say how much it will cost to replace the defective, killer, guardrails. We do know that the company which made the defective guardrails lost a $663,000,000 lawsuit! So, in the LONG RUN, the taxpayers of Tennessee will pay, and pay, and pay.
But, just keep voting conservative and Republican! They have all the answers...for the wealthiest among us.
Here's a part of the article: "Talbott’s story became major news in the area, and the story also caught fire on social media - particularly among white nationalist communities and other racists online, (given that Talbott, who is white, alleged that her rapists were black)."

Where is the outrage by the MSCM?? Isn't fanning the flames of racism a bad thing in the MSCM? And what do you think about it, FG? You claim to like truth. Or is it that you FG, are the one who really "...can't stand the truth?"

Flaming idiocy reigns supreme with initiating a message thread such as this.

toward a brutally raped 2-year-old is duly noted.
And your liberal credentials remain intact. As Michael Savage often reminds us... liberalism is a mental disorder. But - good news - repentance is available, once you begin to understand the difference between right and wrong - good and evil.

Your stupidity is duly noted. Michael Savage is a load.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

... maybe pal of check kiter (?). AND possibly having access to my library reading list. Which would, of course, be against the law - a library employee passing such info along to a non-employee. Stalking is also against the law, as CK well knows. Posting this friendly caution, because an acquaintance recently alerted me to your current attacks on Wade K. Looks like you claim to know stuff about backroom political deals. Which would be a veiled threat IMHO. So how are YOU different?

[Will explain the significance of "Uff da" to readers & lurkers some other day... liberal goofball here got a little too cute for his own arrogant good.]

Gee FG. Is this that of which you speak?
Or is it this?
BTW, FG, you never did explain the significance of "Uff da" as you promised you would. Well, I will tell you what, folks can learn about "Uff da" by following this embedded link and then by checking out the links contained within that.
Oh, one last thing in this comment of mine to you FG:
Uff Da!

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