Trump address to congress

After watching Trumps address to congress last night I have to say it was the first time I've seen him act presidential, side from his annoying habit of talking with his hands. He promised the moon last night. If he can accomplish. 25%
of what he claimed he was going to do, it would be amazing. His use of the props he brought along , (crying dead soldiers wife, girl in wheel chair, immigrant crime victims) was a
nice touch. Looks like he is finally assimilating to Washington and being a politician, lying his ass off. Now all he has to do is release his tax returns and he would put to sleep all this talk about him and Russia.

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Bannon told him to tone it down and use 1984 double speak. He can't get none of that through the establishment republican majority. He's on a the edge and will soon hit reality of a corporate owned congress. Listening to the foolish on WSPD, they think his speech was great but the reallity will soon hit the gullible Dittoheads. Half the fake facts his spouted were disclaimed by AP this morning.

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Without a doubt he is lying but does it really matter? All those politicians lie most of the time.
What I find interesting is in the Primary when Trump traded insults with some of those on stage with him. It was personal. Look at the ones who now suck Thumps ass. T"hey don't want to be left out when the booty is divided up.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

What is also hilarious about praising his speech was the fact that he read that entire speech
that someone else wrote for him from the teleprompter. When Obama used a teleprompter
in some of his speeches the right, especially lap dog Hannity, called him out for using one.
What a bunch of ass wipes.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

imposed travel restrictions. While business travel to the U.S. from the Middle East is only 2% of all such travel, the message from Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, is that foreigners are not very welcome here, so overall travel to the United States is down significantly. That 8% drop represents tens of billions of dollars lost to OUR economy.
Will this trend continue? There's no way to be sure. But if unfriendly tweets and formal announcements continue to emanate from the White House, the downturn could continue, or even be more severe.
Yes. The stock market is up. The message of impending tax cuts has certainly encouraged business and wealthy people in general, and the super-rich especially. More than any other factor, this has propelled the stock market upward. But, if actual government actions cause international trade to slow significantly, and if travel bans continue to cause those in other nations to cancel plans to come to America for business or for tourism, our economy will suffer in the long run.
Watch the stock market. In my experience, the stock market is more predictive than reactive. If the market starts to go down significantly, a recession is almost sure to follow.
Please understand. I hope that I am wrong about the Republican agenda and its effects upon the economy. But, history seems to teach us the lessons that, as time goes on, discouraging international commerce can lead to a poor economy both here and around the world.

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