What a loving relationship!


Melenia and the Red Baron will live in New York while the Donald lives in Washington.
What a loving marriage. Is there any doubt that Melania was purchased by Trump for show,
a trophy wife as they say. What a waste of a beautiful woman!
You can tell this is the case when you video's of Trump getting out of a limo walking ahead and not waiting for her.

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Isn't that the way that most males act who see women as mere objects to adorn their auras?

Your right Dale. If woman ran the world there would be no more wars.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

excellent leaders. However, we must be careful with the "no more war" rhetoric. Remember, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, rather than use diplomacy only, she ordered the British military to attack the Argentinian forces in the Falkland Islands.
Generally, I have been impressed with women in leadership positions. As a teacher in Toledo, I worked there when Ruth Scott was the first ever female Superintendent. I knew Ruth well, and I found her to be a thorough professional. One of the most sage moves Ruth made, was to bring in Crystal Ellis to be her Deputy Superintendent. He went on to succeed Ruth Scott to become the first ever African-American Superintendent of the Toledo Public Schools. He is, simply, one of the finest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with.
While still teaching full-time, I was also active in the Toledo Federation of Teachers and the Ohio Federation of Teachers. When I was first active in TFT, Dal Lawrence was the President. However, I also served with his wife Francine Lawrence who was elected when Dal retired. Both were excellent leaders, with different strengths.
Concurrently, I was an officer in the Ohio Federation of Teachers for 22 years. I worked with two male Presidents of OFT, Ron Marec and, when Ron retired, Tom Mooney. Upon Tom's unexpected death in his early 50s, the OFT Vice President, Kathy Young became OFT President. Kathy did an amazing job of taking over in a most difficult time, and keeping the OFT functioning in an efficient and effective way.
Kathy did not want to run for a full term, and two other women ran for the position. Sue Taylor was elected, and I served with Sue until I retired. She was succeeded (ironically) by the person who had run against her initially, Melissa Cropper. As OFT treasurer at the time, I worked hand and glove with Sue Taylor. She was an excellent, strong, organized leader. Even though she and her husband live in Cincinnati, I still consider her a friend today. Melissa is a person of great leadership qualities, and great vision.
Although I deeply appreciate the skills and abilities which Dal, Ron, and Tom all had, I cannot think of any people who could surpass Fran, Kathy, Sue, and Melissa in their overall leadership skills. In short, we should judge people as individuals, and not strictly upon their gender or any other physiological characteristic!

OK, Dale instead of "no more wars" lets say a lot less wars.
Western Civilization only became great when Man started putting woman on a pedestal!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

equal opportunities to achieve everything (s)he can achieve regardless of gender, gender identification, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, or any other thing that may make anyone different in any way. When America allows everyone to have equal opportunities, America wins! We need all of our best and brightest. Our diversity can be our greatest strength when we all have equal opportunities.

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