Immigration Timeline


Thought this timeline would add some fact clarity to the topic:

Liberals want unlimited immigration into our country for one purpose - to add illegal voters to the rolls where possible. Illegals are overwhelming the resources of the State of North Carolina. Anyone can visit the largest pediatric clinic in NC and see who the clients are. The "dads" work primarily on under-the-table jobs, many in high paid constructions jobs. Most of the moms & dads are not married, and come here for the freebies. They contribute neither income taxes nor Social Security contributions. They receive welfare that American citizen children can only dream of. Moms have been heard discussing which deceased Americans (from newspapers) they will vote as.

Liberals like this voter fraud... which is why they claim it doesn't exist.

It was fun watching Trump's advisor DEMOLISH Georgie-porgie-puddin&pie Steffie-nopolous on Sunday show on this topic.

Hoping that with Trump as POTUS, American children will get at least as good treatment as the children of illegals. One can hope.

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