President Trump doing a great job


For me immigration came a close number 2 to the Supreme Court pick. The President will win the immigration war if he sticks to his principles and ignores the national media.

The Supreme Court is the one I was watching hopefully - and YAY the President did good. My concern was that he might be talked into nominating YET ANOTHER secret behind-the-scenes Laurence Tribe puppet pick - always terrible choices who seek to destroy the U.S. Constitution. Not to worry, it turns out. Tribe was for Garland [read the bio below and see why] and is against Gorsuch. That's all I needed to know. WE HAVE A WINNER, and fellow conservatives are all thrilled!! IMHO opinion, Laurence Tribe has been sneakily manipulating his personal liberal picks for years. Most Americans have never heard of him and are clueless as to how much damage one individual can do.

And yes, Mr. President - go for the nuclear option if you must. The biggest fight will be over the next pick anyway - because that WILL change the balance of the Court. And as you said at the National Prayer Breakfast - millions of us ARE INDEED praying for you continuously. Just remember - " lean not unto your own understanding" - in Proverbs by King Solomon, meaning lean on God and you will be better than OK. And in Psalms it says to "trust not" in men nor in princes.

Won't be replying to mind-numbed liberals, this posting is really for the President, lurkers in general, and political types who want to know what us "little people" think. The most liberal friend I have in Toledo told me a good 3 years ago that she wanted ALL immigration halted for a LONG TIME. So much for the talking heads and their fake polls.

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Comrade Trump will make Russia great again!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

keeping the "good people" in the U.S.? As the supporter of the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, stated when her husband was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last month, Helen Beristain was confident he would not be deported because he is “a good man.” Or is this just more "fake news" from Faux News? You be the judge:
This from the article: "'He hadn’t committed any crimes. He didn’t even have a parking ticket,' family attorney Adam Ansari said, as quoted by CNN." BTW -- Doesn't that attorney's last name "Ansari" sound a little too non-European to you? I wonder if HE is an illegal, too! What about his family members? Is he being investigated?
And this: “From everyone’s accounts he is probably one of the most lovable guys you will ever meet. He is a loving husband and father. And he put a lot of work into his restaurant.”
Of course, he has only lived in the U.S. for 19 YEARS!! Nice "Family Values," right, conservatives?


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