Not only Muslims hate Jews!


It has been postulated here that those who hate Jews, even in America, are mostly Muslims. I have been trying to awaken some who post and/or read here that many of those who hate Jews claim to be Christian. And many of those are Christian Americans. I am NOT claiming that all, or even most, American Christians hate Jews. Neither am I claiming that the POTUS-elect is anti-Semitic. I am also NOT STATING that the POTUS-elect will build death camps.
What I am stating is that the election of Lyin' Don The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like has emboldened those who are racist to be more public about their racism in general, and their hatred of Jews in particular; and that most of these supporters of the POTUS-elect claim to be Christians, and claim to hate Muslims as well.
The KKK held a parade to show publicly, their joy at the election results. Here is a link to an article about this parade, and a history of the KKK in North Carolina:
Here is a link to a more recent story about this phenomenon:
And here is a link about the rise in hate crimes since the election, often with the haters invoking the name of Lyin' Don:

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Jewish and Muslim religious leaders. In the recent edition of the Toledo Jewish News, there is an interview with Rabbi Emeritus, Alan Sokobin, about his experiences with relations he has nurtured among the various religious leaders in the Toledo area over the years:

In addition, three local religious leaders did the role of Mother Ginger, each in one of three performances in The Toledo Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker." Here is a link to an article about this:
The rabbi in this article, is the rabbi at the temple, Shomer Emunim, where my wife and I are longtime members. I spoke with him both Friday and last night. He truly enjoyed being part of "The Nutcracker." He had to wear a LOT of makeup, though. He genuinely likes the other clergy. They all get along well, here in Toledo. Too often, this is not the case elsewhere in America and around the world.

Jewish and Muslim religious leaders. In the recent edition of the Toledo Jewish News, there is an interview with Rabbi Emeritus, Alan Sokobin,

Any relation to John Sokobin?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Jonathan in many years. When he was a youngster, I taught an after-school enrichment science class, and Jonathan was one of the students in that class. I have no idea if he goes by John or not. I always used his full name when I spoke with him. And, just as are his father and his mother, Jonathan is a very bright person!

I worked with Jonathan for a brief time many years ago. I heard his father was a Rabbi and always wanted to meet him, but Jonathan was opposed to the idea. At least, I would suppose he was, as he never responded to my requests to meet the Rabbi. I was young and curious, you see.

Jonathan struck me as a little brighter than average, and somewhat unhappy with his career choice. I hope he eventually found something that suited him.

Jonathan was prejudice against me because I'm a goy. Other jews in the company were not, and one very noteworthy man stuck up for me and went a long way to defusing Jonathan's thinly veiled slights and insults. Another Jewish couple whom I'd known most of my life told me I was a fine young man, and to ignore it. High praise, I think.

From your description, I don't think Jonathan was much like his father - but this was some years back, and people change. I certainly hope Jonathan did.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

knew him as a pre-teen, and only in a limited way for a limited time. His father's article gives you an indication of the type of person he is. And Mrs. Sokobin seems to be a very classy person to me. Prejudice is not exclusive to any group. It is always wrong. I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said, "I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."
As I have indicated before, I do have Jewish friends, like Roland and Judy for example. Among our closest friends are one couple who were both born and raised in Greece and are Greek Orthodox. Another couple with whom we are close also practice the Greek Orthodox faith. The woman in this couple taught for two years with my wife, and they became lifelong friends. Her husband converted to the Orthodox faith before they married decades ago. We are also friends with a couple who were born and raised in India. They now live in the San Francisco Bay area and we see them whenever we visit our son in San Francisco. They practice the Hindu faith, and the woman is a strict vegetarian. The other couple with whom we are very close is a woman who was raised in the Methodist faith, and her husband, who was raised Jewish, and whom my wife and I both knew when we were all in high school. As a matter of fact, he dated my wife before I met her, and he and I were friends before I met my wife, too. And I was a groomsman in their wedding! Neither of them ever converted and they raised their son and daughter as Methodists.
Personally, my father was the least prejudiced person I have ever known. Differences of religion or race meant absolutely nothing to him! He was, however, a rock-rib Democrat. He could not comprehend how anyone of modest income could ever vote for any Republican. My mother was a female, Jewish Archie Bunker-type. She claimed that she was very open about other people, but she did not trust anyone who was not a Caucasian Jew. She was also a rock-rib Democrat. My father lived through The Great Depression, but my mother's family was devastated by it. Although my father really liked FDR, my mother worshiped him! To her, FDR was a savior!

Dale I really don't get it. What is there in the Zionist composition which extracts a compulsion to always be seen, heard, and at the front of the line in everything. Following the constructs of Freud's id, ego, and super-ego would add the classification of weak ego. Those who are so self deluded they need constant reaffirmation of their validity. What a pity to gather precise metals about oneself, diamonds and gold, because they are easily transported waiting for the next pogrom to break out. Have you ever stopped to consider that the very outlook is what in fact might bring it about. And a Merry Judeo-Christian, Abrahamic Christmas to you and yours. In the USA we are all Americans united with the banner of Liberty.

I guess 5000 years of both open and hidden persecution is never enough in your eyes to justify unease. Do some research...really check the record, CTR! As I have pointed out before, the Jews in Germany felt more integrated into their society than any Jews in Europe in the 20th Century. The German population in the 1930s was one of the best educated societies on earth! Yet, the Holocaust happened...where?
Here is the definition of paranoia in Merriam-Webster: "1: a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations
2: a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others"
Please note the specific descriptive words, "delusions" and "irrational." My hearing Jews being called "dirty Jews" and "kikes," and my hearing the references to "Jew him down," because I do not "look Jewish," are neither delusions nor irrational. They are real. The direct threats and perverse actions which have forced my temple to hire and to station off-duty police officers at my temple for every service or celebration are neither delusory nor irrational.
America is supposed to be a place of peace for everybody. However, being an adult, white, male Christian gives a person advantages others do not have in this society.
BTW -- Personally, I always received gifts from my parents on Christmas. We didn't even celebrate Chanukah in my house, even though both of my parents were raised in observant Jewish homes. In fact, Chanukah is a relatively minor Jewish holiday. My wife and I do celebrate Chanukah, but we go to our daughter's in-laws' home for Christmas dinner every year, and exchange gifts there.
CTR -- You fall into that category of those who blame the victims for their rational fears. Common sense dictates that one should make some accommodations for reasonable fears. That's what my temple does. We are the generations of the survivors. We will be ever vigilant. America is the greatest nation in the world, but it is not without faults. We have all seen what happens when a celebrity appeals to the worst in the hearts of too many Americans. That person becomes the POTUS!

Ah, yes, father of the American concentration camp system used for the relocation of citizens of the Japanese American persuasion during WW2.

his family in San Francisco, he received a special message from a local (San Francisco) Jewish institution stating that many Jewish institutions had received threats of violence against them. Indeed, Jews live with these types of threats right here in the good ol' USA on a regular basis.
Here is a link to an article going into a little more detail about the relatively recent increase in anti-Semitism. Please note the reference to skinheads, not a comfortable group for Muslims to join:

gift bags for Valentine's Day which included a "love" note from Hitler. Here's a link to the story:

Now, I am NOT stating that all Republicans are anti-Semitic. I am NOT stating that the Republican Club at Central Michigan University is full of anti-Semitic members. But it is interesting that someone who is anti-Semitic feels comfortable enough among Republicans to distribute this hateful message to these young Republican activists.
But, it's OK. The person who did this must be a Muslim, since I have been lectured on this very site and told that only Muslims hate Jews. Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like will take care of it. And we know that he does nothing to encourage those with hateful intent to do hateful things to minorities. Not him...NEVER!!

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