I gave up listening to the local morning and afternoon shows on WSPD when it became all Trump bashing--all of the time. WJR/760 out of Detroit became my mainstay morning station.

I happened to turn on WSPD around 7:30 this morning and what do you know--Fred LeFebvre was bashing Donald Trump. Boy--that sure doesn't get old!

I guess Fred figures that since Lucas County voted for Hillary (only one of seven counties in the state that did) he's safe in continuing to revolve his show around criticizing Trump.

Fred obviously doesn't spend much time putting his show together. After Brian Wilson left, Fred has devoted most of his show to announcing the location of the nearest fish fry or bake sale. The comparison between Fred and Paul W. Smith (WJR) is astounding. I guess that's why one of them is in a big market making the big bucks and Fred--poor Fred--is trying to hide his inability to piece an interesting show together.

I just can't listen anymore.

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Good morning Galt. Do you think there might be another reason? For instance and I'm just throwing it out there, that Mit Romeny, (who now is suckling on Donald,s balls but really hates his guts as we all know), was with Bain Capitol which owned Clear Channel which owned WSPD. I know now I heart supposedly owns them now but maybe there is still a connection, just saying.
Pathetic Fred has no room to criticize Donald because if you remember he used to post racist comments on here all the time trying to stir up shit in order to improve his ratings,
that is till CC told him to quit posting here..
Fred should just retire from radio and open up that sub shop he is always dreaming of.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Trump uniting us - at least regarding WSPD "hosts".

What's the point of bashing Fred/WSPD on this forum? Are you expecting it to produce some sort of change? Or is it just therapeutic venting?

The purpose is to give you something to read while your on the shitter.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!



Get rid of the nearby sandwich shops and you will get rid of Fred.

I'm sticking to it! I am not going to judge how good or bad he is at his job. I am not a regular listener to any talk radio, except sports talk radio. I am not going to compare Fred to Paul W. Smith (who was also in Toledo for a number of years). I have no basis upon which to compare the two men.

I wish Fred nothing but success in a highly competitive business. He and I agreed on almost nothing when he was posting here. I have no idea whether he believed some, most, or all of what he posted because I understood that it was all meant to increase listeners, both those who liked what he posted, and those who did not. I assume the same is still true when he states his positions on the radio now. Good luck, Fred!

Fred is just jealous, that's all. And of course mad that he called the election wrong. I don't know why, because the rest of political know-it-alls in the Country got it wrong as well.

Yesterday Fred spent two hours of debating with his deplorables about the fact that Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur was not flying an American Flag over her office building. I'm sure she ownly rents an office space from the building owners. I nominated him WSPD employee of the month to his boss Scott Sands. To spend this amount of time on this non event shows an ability to bull shit the ignorant. I say Scott Sands should give Fred the employee of the month parking space for a job well done!

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stays on the topic, whatever it is. Keep in mind, Fred is in the highly competitive entertainment business.
Good luck, Fred!

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