Bombshell: Trump saves a thousand jobs in Indiana!

True to his word, Potus elect Donald Trump has saved a thousand jobs from leaving the country.
Although another thousand at Carrier appears to be leaving and exactly what incentives Trump and Pence had to entice Carrier with remains to be seen, it is a step in the right direction. Good Job Donald.

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Indiana is giving Carrier $7 million to save 800 jobs. Not everyone's impressed with Trump's deal.

On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump visited Carrier Corp. in Indiana and claimed victory for a deal that, according to The Wall Street Journal, will result in 800 factory jobs staying in Indianapolis that had been slated to go to Mexico. Carrier still plans to move 600 jobs from that plant to Mexico, plus 700 more from a factory in nearby Huntington owned by Carrier's parent company, United Technologies. In return, Indiana will give United Technologies $7 million in tax breaks and other financial incentives over 10 years, and Carrier will invest some $16 million in Indiana.

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Dam, I've been fooled again by Teflon Don!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

By the numbers here is what the deal means.

The reinvestment pays for the tax breaks.

Then assuming the avg salary is 50k this means 55mil of personal income will remain in the state. That's 13.75mil (of just income tax) to the federal Gov't and 3.5mil to the state a year.

This is way better than the alternative.


all was promised to Carrier to keep SOME of the jobs in Indiana. About half, maybe more, are STILL going to Mexico.
Your argument is with Sarah Palin, Mikey. Here is a link to an article quoting her op-ed piece:
And here's an excerpt from the article which includes direct quotes from Sarah, "Palin goes so far to point out that such government intervention sets an 'illogical precedent' of a corporate welfare system she labels as 'a hallmark of corruption. And socialism.'"
As is so often the case, Sarah is wrong about this being Socialism. It is much more like Fascism, a partnership between government and private sector corporations. But many in the American public seem not to care much about facts. They respond more fervently to emotional appeals instead.

So let me get this straight, this is a bad deal because all the jobs are not staying here? Right?

The alternative is all the jobs leaving. Fascism is not a partnership between government and businesses. Fascism is when the government closes businesses or preventing them from types of commerce. This is the opposite.

You say I don't know what was promised yet I posted the facts thus far known to all. I did not deal in the unknown.


Here is the definition of Fascism according to Webster (sounds a lot like Lyin' Don's ideal to me): "1: often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control "
And this from: -- "Unlike socialism, fascism is not opposed to private ownership of capital, provided that business owners are co-operative and do not resist state control. In fascist economic systems, such as Mussolini’s Italy, economics is considered a partnership between the state and private-owned corporations." As I stated, Sarah is wrong again!

Your last statement says it all. You commented on the information as presented. You just could not wait for all of the information to come to light (if it ever does). You just could not wait to defend the hero you claim you did NOT vote for, Mikey! Hmmm...

Sigh* Dale, you presented Palin's article and added to it so yes my debate is with you.

The definition agrees with what I said. Under fascism if a business tows the government line they remain in business, if not the government shuts it down. And Trump has threatened zero companies with government shutting them down yet you say he's fascists.

This appears to be a standard deal with tax abatements. Unless you have proof of something shady which I seriously doubt you do.

What is a fact is thus far this month Trump has done more to keep US jobs here than Obama and Trump isn't even President yet. He just set a strong tone for the next four years.


is -- indeed -- with Sarah!

Fascism is NOT Socialism.

Lyin' Don The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like has threatened businesses with extreme tariffs on the goods they manufacture in other countries. Maybe such moves would cause them to shut down; maybe they would not.

"This appears to be a standard deal with tax abatements. Unless you have proof of something shady which I seriously doubt you do." No one who has any such proof, if it exists, is willing to buck Lyin' Don and produce it! My point is that none of us common slobs knows what all is in the agreement in Indiana, a state where the Vice President-elect is STILL the Governor, by the way! And you just could not wait to show your support for the man you claim you did not vote for! Yeah...right!

According to the CNN/Money website, under Obama, nearly 11 MILLION new jobs have been added to the private, non-farm sector of the economy since the start of Obama's Presidency, and about 15 MILLION since the depth of the Great Recession in 2010. That does place Obama behind both Ronnie (18 million) and Bill (23 million), but easily ahead of W (8 million). That sort of makes Lyin' Don's estimated "save" seem a little paltry, huh?
Last month alone the total of new non-farm jobs was about 178,000, according to an article reported by the Wall Street Journal and many others. Here's the link to the entire article:
And here is one part of that article:
"Full-Time Jobs Have Been the Engine
Nearly all of the positions added since the last recession ended in June 2009 have been full-time jobs."

But, go ahead, Mikey. You keep bashing Obama, who dug us out of the worst economic morass since the Great Depression. just keep defending the man you claim you did not vote for, just as though he were your greatest treasure as POTUS-elect. You have me fooled!

The plant was closing. Zero jobs left. None. Empty plant. The President didn't do a thing.

Trump got involved and now the plant is not closing. Period.


And...why didn't Indiana Governor and VPOTUS-elect Pence not do this before the election? Where has his leadership been? If it is such a good deal for Indiana, why didn't Pence do what was necessary to save these jobs? What is there in this agreement that Pence would not do before the election? You don't know, Mikey. I don't know either. And no one is willing to tell us, are they?

I DO know that you are bending over backwards to support the man you claim you did not vote for...and you are doing so using limited information. You didn't vote for Lyin' Don The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like. Yeah...sure!

Please talk specifics. What did President Obama do for those 800 people?

In the days after Obama's election I publicly here claimed I hoped he would heal the divisions of the country and I wished the country the best. You can look it up. I don't know why you think I would do differently with Trump, another President I did not vote for nor support during the campaign.


turn. Your hopes for Obama were not followed by anything but ridicule of his every move. And, Obama dug us out of the worst economy in America in SEVENTY YEARS!! And yet, you claim you did not vote for Lyin' Don, even though you are already jumping to defend him. Mikey -- really. I do not pretend to be politically neutral. You know you love The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like!

BTW -- On election night, I did what I have done after every Presidential election these past 48 years since I could first vote. I prayed that the new President-elect would be the best POTUS we've ever had. And I still hope that this is true! I just do not believe his espoused positions on issues will make America stronger economically, more united socially, and safer both domestically and internationally.

I will criticize what I believe is wrong. I don't think most would say the US is less divided today then it was in 2008 and those same would likely agree it's more divided.

I think I'm more of an expert on who I voted for. But since you disagree please cite where I pledged my support for him.


nation more than at any time since the Civil War. All one has to do is read what Obama has said in his recent speeches, and read what The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like has said in his recent speeches, along with many of his Republican peers, to know whether it is Obama and the Democrats who are divisive, or Lyin' Don and the Republicans.

OK, Mikey. Lead me to any quote from you about anything good Obama has done in his nearly 8 years in office.
And, if you really did not vote for The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, please point out any quote from you where you openly criticized him. I can be educated on this issue.

I will make it easy on you. Just look the day after he was elected. My criticism was few prior to his inauguration as well.

One thing I didn't do is claim I pray he's the best ever and then compare him to Hitler.


You defend Lyin Don.
You attack Obama at every turn.
Couldn't even find one time you supported Obama, could you?

I only compared the POLICIES of The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like to the POLICIES as outlined by Hitler's 5 points, which match up very closely to Lyin' Don's major policies.
As far as racism is concerned, your argument is with the KKK and similar organizations which are cheering the results of the POTUS election this year. That does NOT mean that I believe that The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like will build death camps. But, you'd have to ask the KKK about that -- if they can take time away from their latest parade celebrating Lyin' Don's victory!

Isn't it pretty obvious, at least to me, that Trump and Pence went to Carrier and offered them
a ton of incentives and kick backs to keep some of those jobs there and most importantly to make it look like Trump kept his campaign promise of "Carrier isn't going anywhere". Well it appears over half of Carrier is leaving so Trump kept half his promise, which is better than nothing I guess.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

run on time. This was said about Hitler, too. Often the truth told a different story. It is well documented that Hitler ordered priority to those trains which were carting millions to death camps, however. I know those trains ran on time!!

Are you implying that Trump will have death camps? If not, what are you trying to compare?


I was referring to the fact that the only trains which consistently ran on time in either Fascist Italy or Fascist Germany were those used for transporting victims to death camps by Nazi Germany. I will refer you to an article which shows that making the trains run on time was mostly a myth concocted to excuse the extreme persecutions in both Fascist nations:

Now, if you want an analogy to Lyin' Don The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, here's an article about Nazi Germany. No! I am NOT stating that there will be death camps under the new administration! But, some of the parallels are fascinating!
Here is a quote from the article about the 5 main points of Hitler's so-called "economic miracle" in Nazi Germany:
"1. Hitler played only a minor role in the economic recovery of Germany, relying instead on advisors and bureaucrats.
2. Rearmament was a critical part of this recovery – the government ignored reparations to fund military spending.
3. There were large public works programs, such as construction, roads and autobahns, to reduce unemployment.
4. An attempt to make Germany self-sufficient and end its reliance on imports was only partly successful.
5. In 1936 Hitler ordered a Four-Year Plan, overseen by Goering, to further militarise production and prepare for war."

If there are parallels then show them. You only list things Hitler did. A parallel is by definition two sides along the same path, you show one side.


here you go...
These parallel the five points above:
1. By all reports, Lyin' Don knows little about the overall economy. He is relying upon advisors and bureaucrats...just like Hitler.
2. Rearmament [defense spending] is a big part of the recovery. And just as Hitler ignored reparations payments, The Michelin Man is ignoring the national debt.
3. Both the man who never met a burger he didn't like and Hillary promised massive public works projects to boost the economy and employ more Americans, just like...
4. Hmmm...who wants to import far less goods into America? Just like...
5. And, just like...Lyin' Don seems to be preparing the United States for more entanglements in foreign lands, including war, and including nuclear war. [4 year plan...4 year term..hmmm...]
Those enough parallels for ya'? Are you still going to pretend you do not see any parallels here? I know that you are not going to stop defending the man you claim you did not vote for...yeah...right!

Your reference to Hitler is your most opprobrious post to date, Pertcheck. Even for you, this is a brand new low.

Hitler was a monster, possibly the greatest monster of the twentieth century. The things he and his underlings did were absolutely fiendish. The Nazis were only rivaled by Unit 731, where prisoners were subjected to vivisection without anesthesia.

I don't believe Hitler was entirely human. For anyone to use him in this kind of comparison is absolutely beyond the pale.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

messenger. I'm used to that.

Of course they ignore that Hitler published his feelings towards racial cleansing prior to taking power. Trump has done no such thing yet they claim some foresight based up no facts.


and Hitler. I did NOT reference anything to do with genocide. I listed policy goals only.

Genocide is a different issue all together. I have stated clearly and directly that I do not perceive of Lyin' Don creating death camps as Hitler did. All I can add to this is that the KKK and others of their fellow-travelers are literally holding parades to celebrate the electoral victory of The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like.

Your points are vague and can be compared to almost every President.

1. Every President relies on their economic advisers to include President Obama. You might as well just say "He was in charge" it's equally vague.

2. Our military is the smallest since pre-Korea yet we face attacks daily on our foreign interests. This is what the people want and voted for. How dare Trump enact a policy he campaigned and won on. Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter also had military budget increases too.

3. Obama promised and did massive public works projects.

4. Hmmm doing exactly what MrIndependent Paul and the unions have been preaching for decades. Trump actually stole this as an issue from Democrats. Lol and now you complain. (Hint it's a big reason I didn't vote for him, I don't agree with it)

5. There is nothing to support this. Now we do have Hillary's (the alternative to Trump) past and that displayed a larger penchant for foreign war involvement yet I noticed you didn't compare her to Hitler based upon vague assumptions.


See above.

Why didn't the homophobe VP elect Pence do anything to negotiate and save those jobs at Carrier? After all he was the Governor. He did nothing or faled. Good thing Trump picked him as VP because he wasn't going to get re-elected as governor and would of been out of a job himself. LOL

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

How do you know he didn't. It doesn't seem like the tax breaks were what held up the deal.


More excuses. But you did not vote for team Lyin' Don...sure!

Excuses? I asked a question. (I noticed you chose not to answer it) A question is by definition not an excuse.

I purposely stopped commenting regularly after Trump won the nomination because I didn't want to be confused with supporting him. From that moment my only comments were directed at unfair comparison to Hitler by the unhinged.

Show me ANY shred of evidence I supported or voted for him. I was very vocal that I did not vote for him, who I voted for, and my disappointment with my party's handling of the nomination process.


have freedom of speech. You may deny all you would like. You love Lyin' Don. That's obvious.

As far as your question, it is a fact that Pence did NOT "save" any jobs at Carrier before the election. Somehow, after the election, some jobs are saved. Now, the only people who do not find this to be obviously political, are those who LOVE Lyin' Don and his VPOTUS! If Pence were a good leader, these jobs would have been "saved' months ago!

As far as the Hitler references are concerned, I have pointed out that The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like consistently used POLITICAL TACTICS parallel to those used by Hitler. I have also detailed [after you speciously claimed that I did not give enough detail] parallels between the 5 points of Hitler's POLICY goals and those policy goals espoused by Lyin' Don.
Once again, Mikey, you cannot refute the evidence, so you, instead, attack the messenger. This is both disingenuous and a deliberate attempt to deflect attention away from the facts I put forth and documented, in your pathetic attempt to defend the person you claim you have not supported, and whom you claim you find objectionable.

Well its obvious IF Pence tried he must of failed. Do you think this is fair to say?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

is in the agreement that was reached after the election which Governor Pence would not put in an agreement before the election. And, if there is nothing new in the agreement that was reached after the election, why was Pence such a poor Governor and leader that he could not get the agreement done before the election?
Or, finally, was this all in place awaiting only the election before it would be implemented, just to make Lyin' Don The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like look good?

Is it too late to edit the title to 800 jobs?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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