Conservative elites trying to suck up to Teflon Don

And the hits keep coming. This is too funny. Most of the Conservative Right Zingers who called the Flip-Flopper every vile name under the sun are now standing in line to get a lick on
Teflon Don's nut sack. What a bunch of phony loads. Keep them coming King Don. LOL

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HaHa, Looks like that fat lump of shit the Newt agrees with me. LOL

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

There is a giant sucking sound coming out of Washington and its not the sound of a pump "draining the swamp". Its the sound of all those conservative right wing nut jobs fighting to get in line to suck King Trump off. What an embarrassment.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I totally agree with you on this one, DH!! I think the best example is that asshole, Romney.

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