Anyone see the interview on "60 Minutes" last night?

How many folks saw the first post-election interview with our new President last night? He did well, as in stunningly well. Even more important, the "Clintonization" of the United States of America been STOPPED, dead in its' tracks! har-dee-har-har!

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Or "is-my-wig-on-straight?" Leslie Stahl... but did watch as much as I could stomach. Some conservative commentators are trying to re-explain things he says post-election, or making excuses for him.... but something is BADLY wrong at the moment. Stahl was not as ridiculous as she usually is - BUT she laid some nice groundwork for fellow journalists to undermine Trump - at every turn. He should ABSOLUTELY STOP GRANTING INTERVIEWS TO LIBERALS, at least until after January.

His White House meeting shocked me, frankly. It's one of the most sad pathetic performance I EVER saw from a Republican or conservative politician. And I did not get any good feelings from 60 minutes. What is WRONG with him (?) is my main question right now.
Then a former NSA worker posted a possible answer, based on his past govt work:

"REPEAT FROM YESTERDAY: I strongly suspect Trump is being drugged.
Trump's recent behavior makes me think he got hit by an exotic mind control drug that only the intelligence agencies of the top states have. On these drugs, you will not appear to be drugged. You won't get high, you will not exhibit any physical symptoms AT ALL, NOTHING, NO OUTWARD SIGNS AT ALL, but you will be very open to manipulation and spilling your greatest secrets. I suspect he got nailed either when he visited Obama at the white house or by the secret service.

Folks, they can't get away with poisoning or killing Trump now. The only thing they can do is drug him with something the public does not generally know about, and you can bet they will try.

Trump should ......... NOT trust any government food source. [emphasis mine] Trump should have his own completely isolated food supply that he himself ensures is safe by having it sourced and prepared exactly the same way it was prepared before he was elected president, by the EXACT SAME PEOPLE he had doing it before, in a completely new secured kitchen. He should not eat out anywhere. I do not think Trump realizes exactly how deep the snake pit he just walked into is.

If he is drugged, it will take approximately two months for it to wear off, provided they don't keep nailing him. The only changes will be that he will be easily manipulated and not be able to keep secrets. This is not a guess, I have an intelligence background and know this is pristine info.

The people who will notice he got nailed will be his family. They will notice that he just suddenly started talking about things he would not talk about before, with people he would have never said such things to before. They will notice he is a LOT more easy going and relaxed, and will do whatever anyone suggests. And those will be the only symptoms."

The way he is currently acting doesn't even sound like Donald Trump.

Nerd, The Donald already has said that he would have sex with his daughter Ivanka. I think he already has. Any way, If Donald knocked her up then wanted her to get an abortion, would you still be against it?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Again he did not say that.

Just stop. You are embarrassing yourself.

Read it and weep Jr. News flash, People date to have sex, get it?
You should stop sticking up for everything that Moron says, your embarrassing yourself.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

It says "if she weren't my daughter". You said he would date his daughter, he clearly stated "weren't my daughter".


It says "if she weren't my daughter" Oh, that makes it alright then.LOL
Do you think she showed daddy her new tit job?
You sound like Kayleigh McEnany.
Question: Kayleigh, Donald has just tweeted that shit taste good. What do you say about that?
Kayleigh's response. I'm sure people on the left wouldn't like it but with the right spices it could be a tasty dish.
Teflon Trump is his new name. nothing sticks.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Please don't attempt to deflect. You tried to say he said something he didn't say.

Bullshit doesn't stick to him. Everyone can see through your bullshit. That's why the media was saying there was a 98% chance Clinton would win but it had no affect on the people.



I didn't watch 60 minutes but I'm sure Donald did great with those cupcake questions Stahl
was asking him. What I watched and thought was funny was when he met Obama in the White House and the two were sitting there in front of the press. The look on Teflon Trump face reminded me of this:
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Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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