I am in NYC for a business trip. I went down to Trump Tower on Friday night (I have video of what was going on, but don't k now how to upload it on this site). I had an interesting conversation with a NYC policeman. He said that police officials have been told to expect that the protests will go on through the Inauguration.

A New Yorker came up and joined our conversation and said she had heard that many of the protesters were getting paid $1500 per day. The policeman looked at the woman, shook his head in agreement and said "Soros."

So George Soros, probably through the labyrinth of organizations that he finances, is paying at least some of these people to protest. It's easy to believe when you consider the Project Veritas hidden video where Democratic operatives admitted that they could mobilize a group of agitators within hours--to any place in the Country. Of course, they also said that they try to use people with mental illness--great guys those Democrats.

I think the more protesting the better. It reminds us what corrupt jackasses the Democrats are.

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There were videos of the buses that brought the protesters into LA.

That being said I don't care. They can protest all they want. Eventually people get tired of temper tantrums. If Soros wants to waste his money go right ahead. It won't change the electoral college and thus the result of the election.


Trump was right. If those protesters are getting paid to protest, then they are professional protesters. The fact that there is no evidence of this doesn't matter.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

As I noted they were bused in. Project Veritas already released videos of the groups admitting they pay protesters. There are craigslist posts where they solicit workers. There are videos where the same protesters are seen organizing and then show up "randomly".


It happened here, when neo-nazi groups marched down Stickney.

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