Trump has a mandate. He won Pennsylvania. He won Wisconsin. He won Florida. He won Ohio. He won Michigan. Voters spoke out against the pathetic leadership of Barrack Obama and the Washington elite.

Forget about all of this "bringing people together" malarkey. The voters said, "We don't like the Liberal agenda--no need to try to make those extremists happy." We don't want compromise, we want to do what Obama did when he became president and in a meeting with Congressional leaders he defiantly said, "I won--elections have consequences." Trump needs to do the same.

Cut taxes, build-a-wall, repeal Obamacare, cancel Obama's Executive Orders, deregulate everything you can, and get a really conservative Supreme Court justice nominee.

We have 8 years of bad leadership to overcome.

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The Bush family and Clinton are both now promising their "help".

President-Elect Trump needs to REALLY remember who got him elected. Michael Savage will remind him, if he is tempted to forget.

The Bush/Clinton Crime family (which is what Stew Webb has called them for years) - Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, and many other "Council on Foreign Relations" creeps - should NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET THEIR NOSES UNDER THE TENT. They will deliberately bring the Trump victory crashing down around his ears.

Mr. Trump - access the Council on Foreign Relations membership list and be absolutely SURE not to pick anyone currently on that list for ANY government post. Otherwise the SWAMP will just get worse.

The CFR for the uninitiated is a globalist private club that works to destroy U.S. sovereignty. Further, and the "affidavit of Jess LaVey" will tell you most of what you need to know about the Bush/Clinton crime family.

Be faithful to your real supporters, Mr. Trump, and you will have a fantastic presidency (let me tell you.)

Clinton 59,814,018 votes Trump 59,611,678 votes. Clinton wins by 212,340, hardly a mandate.

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Trump wins 29 states
Republicans have majority in Senate
Republicans have majority in House of Representatives
Conservatives will soon control the Supreme Court


5 million of those votes came from NY and CA. The rest of America gave him a mandate.


Its strange how some people think Washington is run by liberals. I recall that the House and the Senate are run by the so called conservative Republicans. Trumps victory is just the first step to legitimately destroy those who call themselves the Republican Party.

How will it be destroyed?


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