Hillary's maid's To-Do list:

1. Dust
2. Mop
3. Print out classified documents

Can the Clinton's get any more corrupt? Yes they can. Now it is revealed that Hillary's closest aid, Huma Abedin, reported to the FBI that she knew Hillary's Filipino immigrant maid frequently handled printed classified documents. Here's the story.


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Now, was that so hard? Naturally, I do find your source to be quite biased, a part of the MSCM, that has been bashing Hillary for decades now.

Here is a story today, where FBI Director James Comey reiterated to Republican leaders in a letter to Congress that the FBI has found nothing to change what he previously stated that, while Hillary may have been careless, the FBI does not find her actions to be indictable. In his own words: "'Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July,' Comey said in the letter to top Republicans on the House Oversight Committee." Here's a link to the entire article, just posted: http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/06/politics/comey-tells-congress-fbi-has-not-...

So, it appears that, after November 8th, the only POTUS candidate who may appear on Court is Lyin' Don! He is a defendant in lawsuits, including those from disappointed "students" of Trump University. And he claims that he'll be a plaintiff in lawsuits against the women he claims have falsely accused him of a variety of sexual improprieties, many of which mirror the things he told Billy Bush he did on a regular basis! Hmmm...

You actually think that's worse than the fact that FBI agents are leaking that at least 4 foreign govts, especially Iran, definitely hacked her server?

Or worse than the fact that Cathy O'Brien in "Tranceformation of America" documents being raped by HC? Worse than that. None of her claims have been disputed. Let that sink in for a minute.

Or worse than what Klayman summarizes about our corrupted justice system:


Federal judges have been appointed by an accused rapist and a thoroughly immoral man. Yes, Huma and her husband have both "flipped" on Clinton, leaked reports say. Here's how much good that is going to do. Think back to the furor over "yellow cake" bla bla bla when Dubya was in office. Did you know - does anyone know - that Supreme Justice Stevens went to Chicago at the time to "talk to" Fitzgerald, because the grand jury had issued indictments against Dubya and Cheney, which Fitzgerald at some point sealed? SEALED. All this was reported by Sherman Skolnick, who was largely responsible for Stevens ever ascending to the Supreme Court in the first place. Indicting - publicly - dubya and cheney was reportedly presented to Fitzgerald as potentially causing a "constitutional crisis" if memory serves. Generally speaking, that is how Clinton will get away with any crime she pleases. A maid is the least of the damage that has been done to the country.

All of which is to say, Klayman is right. Other than (we hope) judges at the local or state level.... our justice system is completely corrupted. I now understand why Michael Savage entitled one of his books "Stop the Coming Civil War". This election IS a civil war. But regardless whether HC gets in or not, truth tellers are NOT going to shut up. God Himself will have to intervene with this criminal.

Larry Klayman, who wrote the article to which you link, truly fits the label right-wing-nut! He makes his living as a contrarian. And he makes a lot of money doing it. So, FG, keep reading his garbage and accepting it as truth. It just keeps "feeding the pig." You are free to do so.
Personally, I cannot believe anything he writes. Really! Do you think we need a violent revolution as both Klayman and Lyin' Don imply? Here's how Klayman concludes his ludicrous diatribe: "I for one will do my part as the chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch no matter who wins the presidential election Nov. 8. But given the instructive legacy of how the new administration of President George W. Bush in 2001 refused to prosecute the Clintons for the crimes of their first administration, as the Washington establishment club of both parties protect themselves, it’s unlikely we can count on any of the three branches of government to restore justice to the nation. It will, as in 1776, ultimately fall on We the People to clean house."

Has Klayman ever run for public office? Has he so little faith in "We the People" that he will not stand for election? I believe in "We the People!" I believe in democracy!

It's been reported elsewhere. And I agree, WND is not a reliable source even though this time they got the story right.


Name just one provably "not reliable" "WND" claim - just one. Goofball generalizations that liberals like you use to obfuscate are just that - goofy, and, by the way, unreliable. Hard being an Obama/Hillary-bot whilst pretending to be conservative, huh?. But since you replied here as your original persona, that means what I posted, which is basically what Klayman claims and can prove, bothers you. YAY!

And a further question comes to mind - re Cathy O'Brien - and the Church committee investigation as a whole. Updating the old Watergate question, "What did the President know and when did he know it?" [Ah, the sanctimonious-ness echoes down through the decades...]...

What did long-time congressmen, senators (and Governors) know about Cathy O'Brien being violated at the hands of Hillary.... AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT? They all know/knew, starting with Biden. And said nothing - nay, many are stumping for the absolutely credibly accused rapist - or self-righteously sitting the election out. So much for all the current pretend shock regarding anything about her opponent. All these political insiders have been sitting on and ignoring this information for decades.

I am not a liberal. I am a life long Republican. I follow Reagan's example and do not speak ill of other Republicans. That does not mean I have to accept rumor sites as credible news. Now the story Israeli is credible and plenty of reputable news agencies have reported it. http://nypost.com/2016/11/06/chelsea-clinton-used-foundation-to-help-pay...


For whatever reason, the "New York Post" hates the Clintons. I read the article. It is full of hearsay and innuendo. There is nothing conclusive, nor is anything corroborated. If Chelsea or anyone else, like Lyin Don, used funds from the Foundation bearing their name illegally, she or he should be prosecuted!
What? No indictments? No trial(s)? No convictions? Oh!

I suggest you share your concern with Charity Watch.

FG says a lot of things but only a fraction of which is true.

Put your tin foil hat away. We know she did. It was revealed in the leaked emails. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/52046#efmABYACC


You don't speak ill...? You have attacked just about everybody BUT fellow traveler Dale on this board. And prior to Chris doing his "clean-up" job, a lot of what you posted (both as widdle mikey and almost assuredly under other names) was pure IMMORAL FILTH. You even told me you were going to "go after" members of my family if I didn't stop pointing that out.

For readers unfamiliar with the past several years on this message board, not only has widdle mikey "flamed" both conservatives and liberals here - but a really good guess, whenever someone pontificates about wnd.com, is that they tried these games on wnd's message boards. Wnd has an excellent troll patrol, and such posters are kicked off their boards. Message boards at wnd are at the very bottom of each article... you have to cursor way down. They welcome decent comments. They kick all others off. Then those disgruntled trolls will go on local. boards like this and plant little unsubstantiated comments, and sometimes have to be called out on their BALONEY.

I have argued with Dale FG. You claim I've attacked everybody, ye, I was mostly silent this election.

You may consider WND a reliable source but it's flawed to do so. It's a rumor site. They print sensationalistic news. Now sometimes they are right before everyone else as the Wikileaks releases proved. An example that John Podesta is a pedophile. We now have significant evidence that is true. Prior to WL saying something like that without proof is sensationalistic and irresponsible.

An example on the left is all the sites who claimed that Trump raped a 13yr old girl. There was no proof and everything about the case was sketchy. It's now been proven to be false.

Now, Opal, you should understand this better than anyone. I do not want to rely on news sources who support those who bear false witness.

I've never threatened to go after anyone in your family. I don't even live in the state. I think you are confusing me with another poster.

If you have received threats you should immediately inform the police and site owner Chris Myers.


Maybe Hillary had her Filipino immigrant maid frequently handle printed classified documents because her butler was too busy to do it.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

FG, at long last those two lice are gone, and won't be back in ANY meaningful positions. Except for their trials, of course, they're history.

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