Hillary Clinton thinks we're stupid--really stupid.

Her campaign runs ads trying to convince us that Donald Trump treats women poorly, while a basic investigation into the Clinton Foundation donor list shows that Hillary has readily accepted funds from countries who treat women as second-class citizens.

Here's a list of the donor countries who believe that women shouldn't be afforded the same rights as men--but the Clintons have no problem accepting their cash:

Qatar donated $5 million to the Clinton Foundation
Saudi Arabia donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation
Kuwait donated $10 million to the Clinton Foundation
United Arab Emirates donated $5 million to the Clinton Foundation
Brunei donated $5 million to the Clinton Foundation
Oman donated $5 million to the Clinton Foundation

Over-and-above the terrible record these countries have for women's rights is the fact that most of these donations were made during or directly after Hillary being the Secretary of State. "Corrupt" doesn't seem to do the Clintons justice.

The Clintons think Americans are ignorant--we'll find out if they're right on November 8.

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supposed to believe these figures. Do you not want to post where you obtained this information because your sources are so biased?

Lyin' Don used the Trump Foundation as a personal slush fund. He purchased items that glorified himself with Trump Foundation money. And that IS documented. I have produced a link before. The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, and claims to be worth several billion dollars, has not contributed one penny to that trust which bears his family name in over 8 YEARS!!
Yeah, I trust him all righty!

often disagree right here in the Swamp. Chris almost always documents the things he states as facts. Mikey often documents the things he states as facts. I respect them, even when I disagree with them.
It does irritate me to have some posters who almost never do any real research; however, and who often post the wildest figures and charges without approbation. Sometimes posters here do link to dubious websites. Farmergal often does this, but at least she's doing some actual research, and is willing to read, [even though she usually limits her research to sites which reinforce her own beliefs]. She is still willing to link to those dubious sites. This lends at least some credibility to her pronouncements!
We all have freedom of speech, it's true. But speech is supposed to be limited to telling the truth. And when we state something, we must be prepared for the fact that some others may disagree with us, and hold us accountable for what we post.
Believe me -- I know!!

The Clinton's are smart. There is never anything that is going to change in those backward countries as far as treating women is concerned. Take the money from those idiots and use it to provide food and medical help to other less fortunate area's of the world. Western
civilization became great when men started putting women on a pedestal. You won't see that any time soon from those backass countries. As far as the Clinton's Foundation goes,
If they are crooked and keeping most of the money like a lot of the right zingers claim, produce the evidence that this is true, then prosecute them as the law prescribes. If not,
then shut the fuck up about it.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Trump abuses women too. What is your point?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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