Kaine's Wife in Toledo claiming that Hillary's "Methodist background"


... makes her a woman of faith. Faith in what? HC's ability to cover up her years of crimes and atrocities. One atrocity being that committed against former sex slave Cathy O'Brien?


The history of the (Frank) Church committee [congress] on this topic is easily available on the internet.

As to this "woman-of-faith" hail mary thing they are trying to run by the (sometimes clueless) American public at large. Sorta like Bill Clinton's alerting news media camera men to film him walking (mind you) to church during his presidency WAVING AT THE CAMERAS WITH A BIBLE. A caller on C-Span the week prior had said something to the effect that Clinton had no moral leadership due to a lack of godliness. Beelzebubba subsequently had himself filmed on some Sundays waving that Bible at the pre-alerted film crews. Phoniness appears to know no bounds with these 2.

And P.S. so I don't have to do a separate post. The reason Comey re-started investigating, besides 100 FBI agents threatening to resign prior to election - was that the NYPD was going to go public with info on Hillary, linked to THEIR investigation of Weiner. Comey and Loretta Lynch, apparently couldn't let THAT happen. This was the puzzle piece I had been waiting for - BECAUSE - that 911 video of Hillary being helped into that van CLEARLLY shows her hands secured behind her back, and inquiring minds have wondered what she was being arrested for. You can watch that video 200 times, and her hands are clearly secured behind her back - which is why she fell face forward into the van without being able to stop herself. This side of heaven we will not know all the behind-the-scenes goings on there. But, a few hours later, there's HC calling over an innocent little girl to hug and give pneumonia germs to.

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