How could ANY AMERICAN go to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton now that we know there is proof that she and her husband have acted in a way that will result in the two of them being criminally indicted? Voters don't have to vote for Trump, but they can select a 3rd Party candidate or just skip that box on the ballot.

The web of Hillary's lies and corruption is so massive that it is difficult to focus on just one of her indictable (and if elected—impeachable) actions. Here's an example of the Clintons' illegal activities:

**Shortly after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, she was called to Geneva, Switzerland, to meet with her political counterpart there. It seems that the IRS was suing the largest bank in Switzerland, UBS, to obtain the identities of Americans who had secret Swiss bank accounts.

**It was a difficult situation for UBS because they were being asked to either violate Swiss secrecy laws by revealing the names of account holders or face criminal charges in U.S. federal court.

**A few months after her trip to Switzerland, in a move highly unusual for a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton announced a legal settlement that kept UBS out of legal trouble in the U.S.

**Then "donations" from UBS to the Clinton Foundation began to pour in. A total of $600,000 has been given by UBS to the Clinton Foundation AND $1.5 million was given to Bill Clinton for "speeches."

**Yesterday it was revealed that the FBI has been investigating "pay for play" incidents like this one with the Clinton Foundation and that indictments for Hillary and Bill are virtually certain.

So if elected, Hillary Clinton will be spending most of her time and energy defending herself against going to prison and not solving the significant problems of this Country. Who wants that?

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Keep repeating the hackneyed, old stuff and draw attention away from Lyin' Don The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like!
It's almost election time. And, BTW, who says, "...that indictments for Hillary and Bill are virtually certain?" Do you not care to list the far-right source of this propaganda?

But, that's OK. Because if Lyin' Don is elected on Tuesday, he has announced that he'll be in court suing those who have stated publicly that he sexually harassed and/or attacked them in various ways. BTW -- How many women do you think have been paid off over the decades to NOT go public about the sexual intimidations, and/or gropings, and/or attacks by The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like? And we know that Lyin' Don is being sued by many who were bilked out of money by his self-proclaimed "Trump University" courses! He has stated that he loves going to court. He loves lawsuits. We know that he loves declaring bankruptcy!

A vote for the Republican candidate this year is a great vote for family values...the Borgia family, perhaps? What's the difference between The Donald, and Howard Stern? Stern is only on his second marriage!

Since the FBI has confirmed that at least 4 enemies of the U.S. hacked into Hillary's private email server, it's a given that Hillary will be a prime candidate for blackmail. Yet another reason not to vote for Hillary (if you can't bring yourself to vote for Trump, just skip that box on the ballot).

about the FBI was when Giuliani slipped up and stated that he knew through his sources in the FBI that they were going to do further investigations on the Anthony Weiner emails, because there may be some link to people close to Hillary, before this was revealed in the letters to Congress. This proves that either, Comey is in Lyin' Don's pocket, or Giuliani has a form of dementia!
I just LOVE how you always show your sources. Here is just one of my sources [there are more...Giuliani loves cameras almost as much as The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like does!] on Giuliani's latest mess:

earns Fox News its disparaging name of Faux News. At least this time a Fox news personality admitted that he did not do enough research, and believed a source, but did not corroborate the information before reporting it as though it were factual, when it was not! Here's a link to the somewhat muted retraction:

Unless and until the MSCM hires reporters and commentators who actually do the hard work of research and corroboration, honest people will continue to be misled by the MSCM. It is no joke when so many use the MSCM as an unbiased source of real news. This type of misleading reporting is one major reason why America is so divided today. The MSCM goes out of its way to seek information which fosters mistrust and even hatred among its followers, rather than seeking truth.
How profoundly sad!

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