Mysterious Sylvania School levy brochure

A mysterious campaign mailer went out recently to some Sylvania residents. It is a mystery because no one put their name on it in clear violation of Ohio election laws. Any guesses on who did it? Ohio election laws will forgive your uncle or aunt passing out letters on the sidewalk, but an organized, professionally done brochure is not going to be forgiven.

(full sized versions can be downloaded below)

Ohio law is quite clear that a person or campaign committee needs to be prominent.

Ohio Election Commission advice:

More information:

Are we to assume that those 4 people paid for this brochure? Did the city of Sylvania pay for the brochure? Did the school system pay for it? Who knows.

"Disclaimer Required - A sign, newspaper advertisement, literature or other political communication not listed in the “disclaimer exemptions” paragraph below, must include the applicable disclaimer in a conspicuous place on the political publication [R.C. 3517.20;
OEC Adv. 2012ELC-04]"

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Well, I always ask myself, "I wonder how Chrys Peterson would vote on this?" Now I know--and of course--will vote accordingly.

It is sad that people and businesses can spend any amount they desire for any candidate or cause of their choosing. Because the disparity in wealth in this community and this nation is growing ever wider, this automatically means that people of wealth have a lot more influence on all elections than those of modest means. At the very least, those who produce a very slick brochure for a local issue must let those of us who receive it know who actually paid for the brochure and paid for its distribution.

Now, my wife and I have always voted for school levies in Sylvania. And neither of us have ever worked for the Sylvania Public Schools. In addition, our children are now ages 40 and 37. So its been nearly 20 years since we've had a child matriculating in the Sylvania Public Schools. Our grandchildren live in Swanton, OH, and San Francisco, CA. Yet, we plan to vote for the Sylvania School levy once again. I have never seen an organization improve its delivery of services to its clients because needed funds were denied to it. When I was in school, voters supported traditional public education so that I could get my education, just as wealthy children could get theirs. And don't tell me that people in the 1950s and 1960s could better afford property taxes then, compared to those who pay those taxes today! I also find it to be ironic, that those who support elected officials at the state level who keep cutting funding for local needs, such as traditional public schools, then seek to deny local funding to those institutions which are so vital to Ohio's future.
Finally, supporting local traditional public school funding is the patriotic thing to do. I have never heard that schools in China have to beg local voters to approve funding for schools there. And, whether we like it or not, our children today must compete in a global marketplace with children from all around the world.

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