Major General Brady read my mind


And he covers it better than I would. It's time to stop allowing mindless lefties ( who cannot bear to view the pictures of these murdered little ones, of course) frame this discussion. Anyone who excuses the murder of these innocents doesn't deserve to be included in this discussion in the first place. And for those (like Charlie Rose) who think honorable and moral U.S. citizens will be quiet about this after next Tuesday.... dream on Rosie boy. A quote is attributed to one of Charlie's good buddies, David Rockefeller: "The fundamentalists are starting to catch on." An old quote by maybe 20 years or so (and Uncle Dave still doesn't have his "new world order" in place.)

Yes, evangelicals caught on years ago - but lots of others have caught on. And if anything should shame liberals in this nation, it's the ongoing murders of the unborn if the mothers "choose" to do so. As the General quotes Mother Theresa, she said, in effect, that if these murders are acceptable, then why are any other murders NOT considered [by liberals] to be acceptable? Always wondered how liberals rationalize THAT one. But that's where the adjective MINDLESS comes in.

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lives of individuals do you want?
You're on a VERY slippery slope here, FG. What if we make abortion illegal once again? If so, do we make ALL abortions illegal? How about victims of rape? How about victims of incestuous rape? How about a situation where the process of bearing a child threatens the potential mother's life and/or may even mean certain death for her?
If abortion is made illegal, should we then outlaw contraception, FG? How about male masterbation? After all, doesn't The Bible admonish us to not dispose of usable sperm? Are we to have a Theocracy? What about in Dearborn, Michigan? If Muslims become an actual majority there, should they not be able to put forward their religious beliefs and place them into Dearborn's municipal code? Should we legalize forced female circumcisions? Should we outlaw male circumcisions? Just how far should government go intruding into our personal lives, even into our bedrooms? Just how far should government go intruding between a woman and her doctor in making personal, medical decisions? Sorry, FG. Your personal and/or religious beliefs do not override the rights of others to disagree.
I admit a particular fascination with those conservatives who rant against government intervention in our lives, but seek to force government to take away rights from others. The truth is, so-called, self-named conservatives want as much or more government than do liberals. They just want the powers of government used differently.

But not yet . We labor at the local level , winning hearts ,
Reaching out to underloved women one by one .
Election is about shake up the Washington machine ,
Or stay the course

more than anybody about anything, but I have done a search and I have not found where Hillary ever stated that she was "the smartest person on the planet." As a matter of fact, after doing a search on the topic, the only person quoted as stating that is the author of the article you cite, FG! Gen, Brady states it in quotes as though Hillary actually said it! Did she? If so, cite the text where this appears, please.
I can only assume that supporters of The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, are so embarrassed because Lyin' Don is so ignorant about so many different topics which a serious candidate for POTUS should know, that they want to make it seem as though Hillary is the one who is a narcissist. We all know that the true narcissist running for POTUS is running as the Republican nominee!

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