Ah, a pastor I never met read my mind


Was going to post more on Cathy O'Brien (sex slave... "Presidential Model" used by filthy filthy Hillary.... "Tranceformation of America") Professor Henry Makow (henrymakow.com) followed what I posted here with an actual excerpt from the book at his website, but it can't be found today (surprise surprise).

No matter, volumes of corrobated filth are coming out about Hillary - MS media covering it all up as much as possible. But if she is "elected" this info is going to drip and drip and grow and grow, and it will follow her wherever she goes. I've prayed for years that she be exposed, and it's finally happening. So no matter what else happens, the Trump campaign for prez will have served a great purpose for this country. Will fake conservative moderator Wallace bring Cathy O'Brien's corroborated allegations up at tonite's debate. Wait - I have to get up from falling down laughing.

Then I bumped into this articled about a sermon going viral by a pastor who somehow read my mind. I had contemplated bringing up "Cyrus" and the Lord God calling him "anointed" etc. in the book of Isaiah. But so many these days are scriptural illiterates, that I decided against. Then along comes this pastor:


I decided last year when I heard Trump's first speech that I would vote for him. Notwithstanding my preferred candidate was always Ben Carson. (Who is just too nice to be able to beat Queen Athaliah.) Much of my decision was based on what I felt the Lord would use Trump, as he stands today, to accomplish. Most compelling being the Supreme Court. When he actually gave out a list of Judges he would consider, I was flabbergasted. Most Republican presidential candidates play "cutesey" on this topic. For instance, how committed to pro-life.... saving babies... is John Kasich? Trump's candidacy has exposed the phonies in the Republican camp. Who use pro-life sort-of promises to get elected, and their commitment ends there. They are committed solely to their own interests.

Google Cyrus. Get an education.

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Is that cathey o'brien the girl that Don Trump grabbed her snatch?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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