If Trump does not bring up Waco on Sunday, then he will most .likely lose this election. It is IMPERATIVE that he explain posse comitatus to American citizens too young to have a memory of the horror of that massacre in Waco Texas.... or any examination of why in the world a presidential administration (the CLINTONS, particularly Hillary) had a home attacked - MILITARY STYLE - of a small religious sect with 21 CHILDREN in residence.

This defied reason or any valid explanation (legal or otherwise) then, and still does now. This individual (HC) is culpable in these children's deaths.... Linda Tripp said unequivocally on Larry King's show that Hillary pressured Janet Reno (through surrogates) to launch on this little group. There are dozens upon dozens of reports online about this massacre. But at the time, the so-called "press" was deafeningly silent. Sill are.

This phoney baloney proven liar (HC), who claims repeatedly that she cares for children, had no problem in having 21 of them executed when the religious group they belonged to was causing "problems" for her husband. Indeed death and destruction have followed this woman for decades. The media fears her and licks her boots at every opportunity.

It's amazing how much you can discover online about Waco - including the fact that the local authorities had a good relationship with the "Davidians".

Trump has GOT to bring this up. No more "Chelsea was in the audience" (OH HOGWASH!!!) I can absolutely guarantee him that after the 1st debats, the Clinton camp was doing some versions of happy dances and high fiving one another, when he didn't bring up Waco. I can imagine them saying - we've got him on the run. He won't dare to embarrass Hillary.

I was STUNNED at how poorly Trump did. He basically pulled a Romney - nasty as possible to fellow Republicans during primary debates - and turning WIMP when facing Queen Athaliah. Just like Romney. I want the Supreme Court to turn back into an honest court. Am voting for Trump for this one main reason. But if he flakes out in this second debate... if he fails to bring up the worst of the worst this has committed - the ONE topic that will flatten her - it is almost certain he will lose the election.

Find a spine, Donald.

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The role of First Lady is an honorary position of the wife of a POTUS. I have yet to read any role for Hillary in the Waco case. This is a stretch even for you, FG!
To me, your post proves how effective Hillary's campaign ad has been, which shows her consistent concern over many years, for the better interests of America's children. People who support her opponent just can't stand it!

Well, you have "yet to read...", because you don't want to read. Here is the link I posted several days ago.


Again, you apparently didn't read 'cuz you didn't WANT to read. That's YOUR problem, about which I could not care less. I have read dozens or articles on Waco, over the years - just about all of them indict Hillary specifically. Didn't bother her a bit to sacrifice the lives of 21 children on the altar of her and Bill's bloodthirsty ambition.

I'm posting here for others - not for you. But every once in a while, even though I know most readers of this blog likely don't take you very seriously, I like to knock down some of your nonsense. For others.

And by the way - Hillary ran ads fairly recently claiming that she "worked across the aisle" to get certain legislation passed. I actually laughed out loud at the time of viewing these, but then again, Beelzebubba Bill DID say on more than one occasion that we were getting "two for the price of one" and that she was a co-president.

What do you and Waco have in common?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Nobody gives a shit about you or Waco! Bye!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

organ. You may post anything you like. It still does not negate the fact that no First Lady has ever had any official standing in the American government. Of course, in the future it may be shown that Nancy Reagan was making more and more "Presidential" decisions as Ronnie's dementia advanced in the second term of his Presidency.

Next, FG, you will find so-called "evidence" that Hillary actually created Hurricane Matthew!

I apologize for the rude comment I directed towards you in this post. Our opinions may differ but that is no reason for me to be rude and calling names. As I apologize to you I also apologize to any one else I might have offended.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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