Black Men in America should watch this Video!


As you all know, there has been a lot of Black men getting shot lately by the police for what seems like no good reasons. Its a touchy situation. what seems apparent in most of these cases however is that the man getting shot is not complying with police orders. When a cop tells you to stop, you better stop and do exactly what he/she says. Don't keep moving or put your hands in your pocket or reach for anything. I don't think or know if cops who shoot people like this are necessarily "racist cops" so much as just inexperience, incompetent and scared. People should not put themselves in a situation where they might have a run in with the law. If your trying to rob a store and the cops show up and you pull a BB gun out of your pocket, you might get shot. It is what it is. Black men stay smart and stay alive.

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sometimes a person, most often a black male, does all of the "right" things, and still gets beaten and/or shot and/or killed by a police officer. I have seen a video where an unarmed black male is lying on the ground with his hands clearly visible, totally in a submissive state, and is still shot by a police officer.
Most police officers are well-trained professionals trying to do a most difficult, often dangerous, job to the best of one's abilities. However, a few are ticking time bombs and/or are racists looking for an excuse to physically attack and/or kill someone.

Here goes an anecdote. In my previous life, before I was a teacher, I worked for my father in a very small jewelry store in Swayne Field Shopping Center. One of our best customers was a woman named Clyde Bond. Yes. That's right. She was a woman named Clyde. Now, I never asked her why her parents named her Clyde, but that was her legal name. One time she came into the store for something, and she said, "You'll never guess what happened to me." I should add here that Clyde was a professional nurse, and had worked consistently in this giving profession.
Clyde continued, "I was pulled over by police while I was driving. The police officer asked for my license. I complied. He ordered me out of the car, made me put my hands on the roof, and handcuffed me! He kept saying that I had a fake ID." (This was before drivers' licenses had photos on them.)
She went on, "They took me to the police station and booked me. My daughter had to come and get me to take me home." (Parenthetically, her daughter was June Boyd, who worked on a lot of Carty's campaigns and served on the Toledo City Council for a number of years. June was also a customer of ours. She and I are friends to this day.)
But there is more, "When I went to court, the judge threw out the case, because I was who I said I was!"
BTW -- My father became so close with Clyde that he was invited by June to Clyde's 80th birthday party. Because I knew Clyde and June so well, he asked me to go with him to the party. It was just lovely, and Clyde was so happy to see both of us!
Would Clyde have been arrested if she were white? Would she have even been stopped for a minor traffic violation if she were white? I do not honestly know the answer to either of these questions. I just know that DWB is a very real concern if you are African-American or even appear to be African-American in this country. Personally, as a Jew, I wonder how many more times I would have had run-ins with police if I had to wear a big ol', highly visible Star of David every day, and/or if I had to have a car license plate with a Star of David on it.
As Chris Rock states at the end of his video, if one follows his basic rules, " probably won't get beat up by the police." "probably" And, now-a-days it seems as though a black male is lucky if all they get is a beating. Once you're dead, you're dead for a long time!

An African American man I know told me that every time he sees a cop car his paranoia surges to almost crippling levels. He said that every time he drives he' knows he may not return home because there is a cop out there itching to blow his brains out,. for something as simple as running a yellow light..

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