Antisemitism is alive an well in America today

Some posters here have questioned whether or not antisemitism is really a problem in today's America for Jews. I am linking you to an article about a University of California course which has a clear antisemitic bias. Jews on campuses (and elsewhere) throughout America face psychological and physical threats every day in this country. Bigotry of any people can lead to the long-time scapegoats of bigots for at least 2000 years -- the Jews.
Here's the link:

Of course, anyone may be a target for bigots. Please remember the famous admonition of Martin Niemoller, who later admitted to having his own antisemitic feelings before the Holocaust: "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out -- because I was not a Socialist..." Here's a link to an article about Niemoller and his warning:

I have also had some here who question my choice of words. For them, I use the word "bigot" advisedly. Here is the Merriam-Webster definition of the word bigot: "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance."

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Like this is brand new news.

Having worked for a Jewish company, I can also attest to the fact that Christian discrimination is alive and practiced with a certain subtle zeal that would make any Miami Beach Jew celebrate with an early afternoon gin and tonic.

The Jewish people have no monopoly on victimization or prejudice. Want proof? If you're a Christian, or more accurately a Goy, just try visiting a synagogue and see how welcome you are. Better yet, try the YMCA And JCC Of Greater Toledo, which is run by a tribe of Jewish women who made me feel as welcome as a leper in a crowded elevator. Why? Because I'm not like them. I'm a Goy. But being white, male, white, elderly, white, privileged (according to SJWs everywhere) and Christian, I'm supposed to just ignore the snide looks and thinly veiled hate speech.

Fuck 'em.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

As a Yid myself, I believe Mad Jack is correct. I have known many Jewish people in Toledo and elsewhere who in their prejudicial attitudes have shamelessly discriminated against Christians, Muslims, and others. Prejudice, discrimination, and xenophobia are much more prevalent than most people acknowledge. My Jewish mother who with her sister and mother fled the murderous pograms of Eastern Europe raised me and my siblings to shun all prejudice.

When discrimination is shown, those who are haters typically point the finger at those who are victims. The numbers are clear. Over 70% of Americans identify themselves as Christian. Around 2% identify themselves as Jews. So...let's blame the Jews!

Secondly, for the past 20 years, I have been going to the Y/JCC to work out about 3 to 4 times a week. The number of Christians there outnumber the Jews about 2/1 almost any visit. I have never heard bigoted speech EITHER WAY for 20 years! I am very friendly with a LOT of the Christians there. I have NEVER had ONE OF THEM tell me they just couldn't work out at that location any more, because of what you claim are "...snide looks and thinly veiled hate speech."
In addition, at our Temple, Shomer Emunim, we have Christian groups visit us on a regular basis. Most of them schedule to return on a regular basis because they feel welcome. The latest example is that our choir director is a Christian, who also is a full-time choir director for a church. Because he has been with us for so long, we had a special celebration honoring him in June. We invited his church choir to perform, too. According to him, his church choir enjoyed the experience so much, they want to arrange a future concert with us, together.

Those with their own prejudices, often see prejudice in others which do not exist. In addition, MJ, your post is prototypical. You have no evidence for your charges blaming the victims, only your gut feelings. Never allow facts to get in the way of your gut feelings, MJ!

You're my evidence, Pertcheck. All anyone needs to do is read a few of your posts to see where human hate, prejudice, and intolerance comes from. You've found your bully pulpit Pertcheck. Too bad no one takes you seriously. How's it feel to be an out of work gas bag? No children to abuse, no one to discriminate against, no one who is helpless and can't fight back. Die in a fire, Pertcheck.

Roland Hansen nailed this one, and at least is willing to acknowledge that prejudice exists on both sides. Until both sides are willing to accept the other just as they are, and find common ground instead of differences, discrimination will continue. Truly a sad state of affairs.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

whether it exists or not. Read BOTH of Roland's posts.

I do agree that anti-Semitism truly is a problem for Jewish people in America today. Anti-Semitism is also running rampant throughout Europe.

The problem is the growing anti-semitism in Europe is not growing due to Christians.


looking Jewish. I do not believe that you have this bias, Mikey, so IMHO you would be embarrassed by all of the times I have heard anti-Semitic statements from people who claim to be Christian. While many in the growing Muslim population both here and in Europe are behind many of the anti-Semitic acts committed in recent months, a whole lot of Christians are more than happy to pile on. I'll just name two prominent celebrities: Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. Now, if either or both of these two are Muslims, I will apologize to you, Mikey.
And these two are just the proverbial "tip of the iceberg." Innumerable Christians blame Israel for many, most, or even all of the problems in the Middle East today. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard a Christian say something like, "You know...if those Jews would just leave Israel and let the Arabs have it back, we wouldn't have all of these problems in the Middle East." How naive of them! And how biased!

While you give anecdotal evidence you don't bring facts.

Don't trust polls? Ok let's go with acts of violence against Jews. They're committed by Muslims at an alarming rate. This is because most Muslim countries are partial theocractic rule and thus antisemitism is systemic.


against Jews. You, however, are in denial of anti-Semitism of Christians against Jews. All bigotry is wrong.
If you like polls so much, here's one for you. And this one is about Americans. Yours is a British poll.

If anyone is in denial it is you. I stated the growing antisemitism in Europe was due not to Christians. I labeled antisemitism a problem even. Then I posted a source that supports my statement with additional facts. I posted a British poll because I was specifically talking about Europe.

Now let's discuss your poll. I agree 15% of the American public holds antisemitic views. I view that as a problem. Yet, you claim the number is due to Christians. Your poll does not state that. Please show me where it does. Additionally your poll does not show that this view is rising. Mine does.

Need more proof of my point?


a problem everywhere there are Jews. Thank you for your acknowledgement that about 1 in 6 Christians in America admit to having those views in surveys. I agree that Muslim hatred of Jews is a serious problem. But, hating Jews is age-old. Before the resurrection of the modern State of Israel in 1948, there were so few Jews in that area of the world that Muslims were focused upon the British and French who controlled most of the Middle East under the old colonial system.

Keep these facts in mind, Mikey. First, almost all of the Germans who participated in the Holocaust claimed to be Christians. Second, the German people were among the most highly educated people in the world in the 1930s. Third, in general, the Jews in Germany felt more integrated into German society than Jews in any other nation of Europe. Fourth, Hitler and the Nazi Party were voted into power in the Election of 1933. Personally, my grandparents left Eastern Europe just before World War I, in an area dominated by Imperial Russia, because of the violent persecution of Jews which was encouraged by the Russian government. Those attacks were known as Pogroms.

Oh, BTW, most of the friends my wife and I have are Christians. Among our very closest friends are a couple who were both born and raised in Greece and practice the Greek Orthodox faith. And, one other couple with whom we are very close, also practice the Greek Orthodox faith.
Personally, my wife and I have had wonderful interactions with Muslim students we have taught, their parents, some Muslim teachers, and other Muslims we have met socially. As a child growing up, one of my wife's friends was a Muslim girl, and there were not very many Muslims in Toledo in the 1950s! Most Muslims who come to America are escaping from restrictive environments where they have neither religious nor economic freedom. They come to America for the same reasons my grandparents came here over 100 years ago!
Also note that Muslims and Jews have been friendly in the past. When the Muslim Moors dominated Spain, a large number of Jews fled there for a safer life. Jews lived mostly in harmony with the Moors for hundreds of years! As Christians gained more and more of the Iberian Peninsula, Jews fled from their control to the parts of the peninsula still controlled by the Moors. When the Christians under Ferdinand and Isabella cleared the Moors out, the Spanish Inquisition was started. Jews either were tortured to death, converted, or fled in terror. Torquemada was not a Muslim, you know, Mikey.
Oh. And the Portuguese had an Inquisition of their own. In the early 1500s, after the Spanish Inquisition had been in full swing, the Portuguese decided to remove the Jews who fled from Spain to Portugal, most of whom had converted to the Catholic faith, because the Portuguese ruling family did not believe that their conversions were sincere. They accused the converts of secretly practicing Judaism. THAT'S a capital crime, all righty! I guess they never heard of WWJD.

Now, I know. This is ancient history, literally. The point is that Jews have been an easy and convenient target for centuries. And while Muslims are getting their turn at leading the charge against the Jews, innumerable Christians are cheering them on, and/or taking active roles in the process! Let's see. 15% of the Christian population of America admits to hating Jews. Since about 70% of Americans call themselves Christians, that means we have well over 200 million Christians in our nation, of whom over 30 million hate Jews. That's a LOT of Jew hating Christians right here in the good ol' USA!

Yep. You're in denial. You make accusations at me without proof and you ignore the validity of my links, which are Jewish sources.


I agree that Muslim hatred of Jews is a serious problem. You turn away from the threat to Jews in America today of the hatred of Jews by over 30 million Christians, whom you admit, based upon the percentages you admit are accurate, is a good number!

father in a very small business (Mom and Pop type) for 15 years before that. I often worked a second job as well. I worked in factories. I worked for the post office. I promoted flea markets. I ran a friend's campaign for State Representative. I was his volunteer Administrative Assistant for two years, while I was still working full-time with my father.
While I taught full-time, I was also an officer with the Ohio Federation of Teachers for 22 years, 16 years as the Recording Secretary, and 6 years as Treasurer. And, I was also on the Board of Directors of the local Toledo Federation of Teachers for over 30 years. I am happy being retired after 50 years of working. I sometimes marvel at all I did.
I am very busy doing lots of things now. I work out 3 or 4 days a week. I tutor (volunteer) with central city elementary students. I am in a once-a-week lunch group. I am in a once-a-week poker group. I am in my temple volunteer choir. I play in two senior softball leagues in the summers. (I am a player-manager in one of those leagues.) My wife and I have two local grandchildren. We have them a few days a week in the summer, and do things with them and our daughter and son-in-law throughout the year.
Oh yeah. And I love to joust on this website with people who disagree with me. I also appreciate those with whom I agree. I never take anything here too personally. I have never run for public office, and I never intend to do so. So, I can state my opinions honestly and completely. I do try to support my opinions with facts, however.

When has MikeyA understood what a fact is?

What facts am I not understanding?


to two sources. One is an article documenting a confrontation between a long-time reporter in South Carolina. who happens to be African-American, and a young man who used the N-word to describe the reporter. The second source shows the actual video which the reporter's camera crew made of the incident. The video not only confirms that the young man used the N-word to describe the reporter; he used it more than once, actually spelling it out at one point. The young man also lights something up as he blocks the path of the news vehicle. He was later charged with having "drug paraphernalia" among other things.
Link #1, the article:
Link #2, the video [I could not watch the video from the article, so I did a search and found it.]:

What comes across to me, is the sense of superiority and the sense of empowerment the young man has just because he is, as he states, "Caucasian." And he expresses that this power comes from a deity who does not give this same power to the reporter. Hmmm...

and his personal anti-Semitism:

NO! I am NOT stating that this proves that The Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like is anti-Semitic. However, his hateful speech in general encourages those who are definitely bigots, to feel freer to express their prejudices publicly. And he has received support, whether he wants it or not, from more than a few groups -- including the Ku Klux Klan -- who admit to having prejudices against many Americans.
This also shows that anti-Semitism in America is, sadly, alive and well among many of those who claim to be Christians. It is just under the surface, and can come out when celebrities make statements which seem to encourage outrageous speech.
Here's a link to an article which details just how dangerous this indirect appeal is by Lyin' Don to these fringe groups, whether he consciously encourages these groups or not:

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