America: Leader in the War on Drugs? Or escape hatch for terrorist/drug dealers?


This is NOT a partisan attack. The events started when W was POTUS, but are continuing under Obama. Columbian officials had arrested, and were trying for their crimes, 14 horrendous individuals, led by one of the most notorious drug lords in the drug-infested history of Columbia -- Hernan Giraldo Serna! In 2008, these 14 men were whisked away to America in a secret deal with the Columbian government to face trail for drug charges here. This made for great headlines in America! Right?
In America, none face execution. None face life in prison. Some have, while in prison. received a type of asylum in America, and have had their families move to America legally awaiting their release. Is there anything much sicker than that?
Now, I really do not want to repeat some of the things these people are accused of doing before being arrested. They are a litany of the most depraved actions human beings can take against each other. If you care to read about them, here is a link to the well-researched, detailed article:

Upon reading about U.S. government actions like these, taken by POTUSes from both major political parties, the support for Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like makes more sense. Millions of Americans are sick and tired of the "same old, same old" coddling of some of the worst people in the world, no matter which party captures the White House. As this article points out, we even bring some of these depraved scum here against their will -- then, amazingly, after relatively short sentences only for their crimes here, ignoring their crimes in their own countries, we set them free and grant them residential status in America! It sounds like many are being rewarded for doing some of the most inhumane acts ever done to others!
Yes! This does make me angry. No matter who is elected our next POTUS, America's actions on these matters must change!

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