opioid epidemic hits small town and rural Ohio hard


I will link to an article which delineates what a huge problem heroine and other opioid products have become in recent years. And, the main problem, in Ohio at least, is not in the central parts of our larger cities. The problem seems to be the worst, proportionately, in Ohio's small towns and rural areas!
The main focus of the article is on a terrible case of an overdosed couple, both either unconscious or semi-conscious, with a young child buckled into a restraint seat, pulled over by police in East Liverpool. population about 11,000. Also mentioned in the article, are the "pill mills" in the town of Portsmouth, with population of about 20,000. The higher cost of local opioids are causing some to import cheaper Mexican heroine into Ohio. (It's all the fault of NAFTA!)
Too bad these rural folks just can't control their own people! No demand for opioids; no overdoses from opioid abuse!
Rather than rewrite the entire article here, I am providing a link to the article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/09/09/ohio-city-shares-...

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If you're stupid enough to use heroin, then I have no sympathy for you.

is an illness. Irregularities show up in an addict's brain scan. And addicts remain addicts for their entire lives. Even those who learn to handle addiction, will always be addicts.
Opioids kill. Alcohol Kills. Cocaine kills. "Uppers" and "downers" kill. Those who use are sick. Most have a genetic tendency to become addicted, the same way I had a genetic tendency to get a coronary blockage at the age of 48.
Now, as a society we have a choice. We can choose to do as you imply, and ignore them all until they die. There is a cost involved in ignoring addicts and their addictions. We suffer more crime, often violent crime, done by addicts. We have more of our loved ones die on the roads we all share with those driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. We, therefore, pay more in medical and auto insurance. We pay more to jail addicts. The percentage of addicts who kick their addiction in jail is nearly zero!
Or, we can choose to help addicts deal with their addictions with properly administered drugs and psychological counseling. Which is the better expenditure for them? Which is the better expenditure for taxpayers? Which is the better expenditure for America? Personally, I would choose the costs of help over the costs attached to "no sympathy."

You can't become addicted to heroin without the first try at it. Therein lies the stupidity.
The world needs less stupid people.

Those who have the genetic tendencies toward addiction also try drugs more often than those who are not nearly so attracted to addictive drugs.

I think that we both agree that opioid addiction is a growing problem. So, what should we do about it? We can either criminalize all of those who are addicts and put them in jail where they most often become better addicts, or we can send them into rehab facilities, where some will become productive members of our society. I choose saving at least some of them. You choose "no sympathy." As I pointed out above, "no sympathy" costs America much more than does realistic rehab.

First start by legalizing marijuana. Most would choose to never try harder drugs if it were legal. I have no problem making it a healthcare issue rather than a legal issue so long as the general public isn't paying for it. Also, taking LE out of the drug enforcement business, the drugs would be much cheaper meaning less crime to support the habit. Then they could kill themselves more easily and cheaply.

not a law enforcement issue.
Marijuana should be placed in the category of prescription drugs. Totally legalizing marijuana will increase the number of impaired drivers and auto deaths. There is no evidence that legalizing marijuana will translate into lower use of heroine and other drugs.
While many hard drug addicts die, many do not. As many as possible should be in rehab. We will save some. That also saves some families, and saves society the cost of living with more drug addicts.

So in other words what your saying is Trump supporters are Heroin addicts.I get it.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I say Trump supporters need to be on Zoloft.

Let's look at how this epidemic started. It started many, many years ago when the FBI flooded the availability of opioids in African American Communities to curb the enthusiasm of protestors. They didn't imagine that the use would spread to where it is now. Sounds like the chickens have come home to roost.

A population high on cannabis, is much less likely to be a population which organizes protests. They just mellow out. Right?
To be honest, the wealthy elite really don't care what color you are, as long as you don't challenge their imperialistic, paternalistic control, and their ability to pass on their wealth and power in full to succeeding generations.
Just keep the masses mellow! Bring on the real "Age of Aquarius!" Let all of us common folks chill on cheap drugs and allow Lyin' Don and the other super-rich to enjoy their imperial life style without fear of protest and/or challenge!

the last decade. It is an economic fact that the greater the supply of anything, the cheaper it becomes, and the more it will be abused by those who find it desirable to do so. I wonder why the use of opioid drugs is so much higher now in rural and small town America than it was in the 1990s?
BN does have a point. If few Americans use opioid drugs, there will be little market for them. Overdoses will drop proportionately and dramatically as abuse of these drugs drop. What is it about small town and rural life styles today, that have made the people living there have different values than their predecessors?

has become in our country. No! I am NOT going to post the entire article here. I will link to it, however. I do want to point out that while two young adults are dead, and some here may think that their deaths are well deserved, since it was their addiction which did them in, what will happen to their four, small, innocent children? How will their lives be affected? How are their futures impacted? Won't my grandchildren have to share the future with them? How about your children, grandchildren, and/or great- grandchildren? The four children who were living with the deceased couple are ages 7, 5, 3, and 9 months!
BTW -- In the last decade 24 Americans have been killed by terrorist activities and 280,024 have been killed by guns. As the article points out, more than 28,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2014, and we know that this number is increasing at an alarming rate!

Here's the link to the article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2016/10/05/a-7-yea...

The FBI started the opioid epidemic. I wonder if this what they expected.

addiction is. If you look at the statistics (which ideologues hate) I posted above, on average -- in one day -- opioid addiction kills well more than double the number of all of the Americans who have died from terrorist attacks in THE PAST DECADE!
Remember, I am not saying that we ignore terrorism. But, I find it to be demagogic and illogical to be so concerned about the dangers of terrorism, and, in the same breath, dismiss the dangers of opioid addiction which kills so many more Americans, and which tears at the very fabric of our families and our society. Keep in mind, the areas of greatest growth of opioid addiction is in small town and rural America, and is specific to those areas in Ohio!

can be an even greater concern. Why? Because some of these synthetic opioids are still legal in most of the United States! I am linking to an article about one mostly legal synthetic called, "Pink." Here is the link: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/americas-heroin-epidemic/pink-stronger-...
And for those who blame the users the most, please note that the two children who died of an overdose on Pink were only 13. And many of their contemporaries are openly discussing the use of Pink over the internet. Here's a cogent part of that article: "This stuff is so powerful that if you touch it, you could go into cardiac arrest," Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter told NBC News. "The problem is if you have a credit card and a cell phone, you have access to it." Yes. it is true. As a society we have decided that every child needs a cell phone, and many have also decided that their child or children need access to credit cards!
Oh...one more thing...the hotbed of this drug activity in which these unfortunate children were entangled? It was the "urban metropolis" of Park City, Utah, population 7,962! Of course, it is a suburb of Salt Lake City, population 191,180! And we all know Salt Lake City's reputation for depravity, urban terror, and general lawlessness!
My point? Drug abuse is a problem for all of America. Look out! The next one to die from an overdose of an opioid may be someone just like you!

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