Police officers take wonderful, humane actions every day...which are too seldom reported.


A West Virginia state trooper, Derek Graham, pulled over a very drunk driver, and found a very smelly, unkempt young child in the back seat. The child was covered in vomit from head to toe, had only a diaper on, and smelled of vomit, urine, and feces. As Officer Graham put it, "It was almost just my dad instinct popped into play,” Graham said. “Forget state trooper, forget law enforcement officer. It was dad that took over, [and I] said [to myself], ‘I gotta clean this little guy up.'”
Here is a link to the entire article: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-story-of-the-%e2%80%98best-little-b...

Now, typically, these "feel good" stories get a fraction of the readers which more negative and/or salacious stories get. I guess few want to read positive stories. Sad.

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Without going to the link your story you posted is incomplete.

That's is why I provided the link. Why repeat what you can read there? One click and you're there!

there is only bad news on news shows, remember this post. This is NOT about someone being shot and killed, whether controversial or not. This is NOT about someone being accused of sexual transgressions. This IS about someone doing a job in a most humane way. So, it gets, maybe, 1/3 to 1/2 the readers that other posts on this site get.
Good news just does not sell!

I go back to the OJ trial and all of the hype over that. At the time, Larry King was BIG on CNN. He had something about OJ at least 3 or 4 times out of the 5 times his show aired each week. I saw him interviewed on another talk show at that time. The host pointed out that poll after poll showed that the general public was sick of the OJ story, so King was asked, why he had so many shows about OJ. King answered that even though people stated that they were sick of the OJ story, when King did a show featuring stuff about OJ, the ratings were MUCH higher than when they featured any other topic or topics. CNN received revenues from advertisers based upon how many people watched his show. So, King did a LOT of shows featuring OJ stories. No matter what people may say, salacious stories sell! Nice stories get overlooked.

I have seen police do wonderful acts. I have also seen the police commit heinous acts, some of them very deadly.

important BUT...there are so many more good, humane police officers, than there are scumbags.
If I had posted here a very legitimate article about some heinous atrocity committed by one of more police officers, there, most likely, would have been dozens of back-and-forth comments and many more "reads" than are listed here. That's my point. We don't care about "feel good" stories. We like negativity and controversy. The old newspaper axiom still holds, "If it bleeds; it leads."

Growing up in the inner city of Toledo, I did not like the police. Officer, later Captain, Ed Nassar lived around the corner from us, and my parents liked him a LOT, but I knew that if I got into any real trouble, he'd tell my parents, and I'd be in bigger trouble at home. Besides, the police were the ones who arrested some of my friends, albeit legitimately, and took them down to CSI.
My closest encounters with police officers came when I was working for my father in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He had a small jewelry store in Swayne Field Shopping Center and the center's association hired two police officers to be at the center when they were off-duty. To me, they were great guys -- even role models. They were intelligent, well-educated, articulate, and African-American! They told me that they and their colleagues knew almost all of the "bad guys." They assured me that, if given the power to do so, they could clean up the streets within a few days by rounding up all of the "bad guys" they knew. They were frustrated by a system which often allowed perpetrators to go free even after authorities had compiled reams of evidence against them. And this was at the height if the "Black Power" movement. And, did I mention, these two were African-Americans? One of them had served in the military and told me about his experiences as a young soldier in post-war France.
The bottom line is, no one should be victimized by police in America! No one should be targeted because of their outward appearance. I just read an article where Zendaya, a 20 year old singer who is of mixed-race background, was treated like a criminal trying to get away with something when she was trying to purchase gift cards at a Von's Supermarket in the LA area. Von's is a popular regional chain there.
I used to point out to my students that America has a more diverse population than any other major nation in the world. This can either be our great strength, or our great weakness. It is a great strength when we build bridges of understanding between ourselves and others, learn about each other, learn to respect each other, and take the best from our backgrounds to make a superior American culture, But it can be a great weakness if we allow people to divide us based upon our differences, because we build walls around ourselves and those most like us and refuse to learn about the other peoples who share our nation. The future together is very much in our own hands, minds, and hearts!

What deadly acts have you witnessed?


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