Baumhower Sentencing Uodate

A pre-sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 26, 2016. Sentencing date is scheduled for October 21, 2016

Let's hope the judge does the right thing.

Baumhower's friends, many who are running for Washington local school board and 2017, are pretending like he has not been found guilty of domestic violence. We are sure to be in for an interesting election at that time!

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Man, do the courts let this shit drag on. He is guilty, sentence the moron already and quit wasting everyone's time!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Jeremy Baumhower and his "concern" for the general population of Northwest Ohio is such fraud. This man is the world's biggest hypocrite and bully, says and does the nastiest, ugliest things to people and animals, then continues to write his sappy bull on his FB page. The worst part is that a few people, mostly women, are taken by his fake interest that they actually follow and like the creep. Wake up, he is a wife beater, found guilty of domestic violence (it is true folks, there is a judge's verdict) and needs to be shut down, why keep egging his bull along?

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