Hickey ran past the WLS Admin Building on Tuesday

It was at about noon. He was shirtless and wearing a skimpy pair of blue running shorts. He came down Woodley, rounded past the Kern house, and hopped from the street to the sidewalk. He trotted on WLS property towards West Lincolnshire and directly in front of the window of his old office/the new superintendent's office.

Funny...not funny.

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He was out trolling for some fifteen year old girls.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

He was trying to intimidate the new Super Dr. Hayward. He was creeping around Whitmer earlier when she was delivering a speech to the staff.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

That moron ,(Hickey) is running for school board. He is still harassing people against court orders. Those woman in Addison who he molested need to come forward.before this asshole gets on the board. There are a lot of ignorant kool aid drinkers out there who still fall for his hugging and love the children bullshit. He must have dirt on Hunter. This is the reason Hunter never investigated Hickey back in 2007 when those woman from Addison tried to warn the WLS board about this pervert.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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