Far too many charter schools are terrible; Ohio's are among the very worst!

I am adding two disclaimers here. First of all, although the long-time President of the American Federation of Teachers, Albert Shanker, was a strong advocate of the value of charter schools, long before they became a reality, because most modern charter schools have morphed into giant sinkholes where taxpayer money disappears, the American Federation of Teachers opposes most of the current state and federal statutes governing current charter schools. And this video came to me via the American Federation of Teachers.
Secondly, I have advocated against the use of profanity many times on this site. I do not know why John Oliver believes that using profanity, even on a somewhat limited basis, helps him to make his argument. I find his use of profanity gratuitous, unnecessary, and damaging to his argument.
That being said, Oliver focuses much of his vitriol toward charter schools on Ohio's particularly poor law and oversight of charter schools which have cost Ohio taxpayers untold millions of dollars in grossly misused funds. His focus on Ohio starts at about the 9:30 minute mark of this 18 minute segment of his HBO program.
Here's the link: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/john-oliver-takes-on-charter-schools?lin...

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