Baumhower Found Guilty of Domestic Violence

WLS defamer Jeremy Baumhower was handed a guilty verdict in his November 3, 2015, domestic violence charge against his soon to be ex-wife, Shannon Tarsha. Baumhower has denied he injured Tarsha during this encounter and that he was "defending himself" after she flipped out on him. He went on to accuse her of suffering from bipolar disorder and claims she had recently changed medications, which is what (he claims) caused her to flip out. The judge requested evidence of this, which Baumhower failed to produce.

Tarsha claims that she found evidence that WLS teacher Jamie Squibb - who Baumhower had allegedly had a long-term sexual relationship with - had been in her home when she returned home from work that day and confronted Baumhower. Tarsha proved she suffered injuries from Baumhower when he shoved his forearm into her neck so hard the force lifted her feet up off the floor. He then released her, and she fell to the floor with blinding force.

Tarsha said she caught Baumhower and Squibb engaged in sexual activity on her couch in April 2015; the same period Baumhower was let go from The Toledo Free Press, and Squibb had ended her relationship with former WLS Superintendent Patrick Hickey. Hickey and Squibb's husband started arguing over unwanted contact on Hickey's part, which led to his demise in the school district.

Baumhower sentence in August. Court documents have been requested.

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Can anyone explain why hickeyleaks is registered under Baumhower's name? Is this a joke?

Fucking A Kern is a website he owns? Patty and Selma is what he calls Terri and Susan Kern.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Jeremy Bamhower is a retard. I think at one time when Bumhower and the Hick were both fucking Squibb they got along sharing her. Hick seen an opportunity to use Bum to attack his critics. They must of had a falling out, Maybe Hick didn't pay him off enough. They could of even been lovers, one a retard, one a pedophile, who knows. Kern exposed both those assholes as frauds. LOL

PS: Don't post about this over at TT. Those depend posters will get mad.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

First...YES before someone decides jump or point out the fact I have only been a user for a short few seconds....I just registered an account just so I could be allotted the same opportunity has so many others have been to write their opinions here. While I may be "new" here I am certainly not a new visitor to this site.

That being said.....I believe Baumhower thrives on using his ability to write or flow words to screen together to basically say "look at me, look at me". He can write. Absolutely the man has a way with words however its the content of which he writes. He either takes published knowledge and re writes it or like in the case of WLS...took information given to him even if false and just wrote it.

Even this morning he writes of this poor girl that died at the hands of someone else as if 1. no one else has seen or heard this already 2. he is involved with the FBI on the case or 3. He's taking a casserole to the family. My heart truly breaks for this family especially since I have experienced similar animalistic losses of my own but I would never write in length about their situation as if I may know more or better. Maybe he should reflect at just how much harm and pain his own hands did and could cause someone first.

Hickey leaks....not surprised he owns that ....I mean again "look at me, look at me".......

Rebecca R.

and violates first amendment rights by deleting accounts. He is a FRAUD.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

I suppose since Hickeys WLS checks are about over ...Baumhowers pay checks are too. Like I said in an earlier post he can write....abuse of power if its true but...

Teachers are def. relieved to begin a new year without their drama inflicted lives.

Rebecca R.

That's the only way they kept quiet. He has threatened to sue Kern once his WLS paychecks stop. Can't wait to see how this flushes the victims out into the court system!!!

As far as Baumhower, I hope a legion of people show up for his sentencing in August and watch him get hauled out in handcuffs.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Agree, and with you folks. This whole Hickey thing is strange. I believe Hickey knew that the shit was going to hit the fan with his teacher affairs. He somehow got Bumhower to run interference and create a diversion for him. Did they meet through Squibb? How did this connection come to be? Hickey has pulled a lot of shit during the years.
Hickey set up all those trips down to Ron Clark so he could go down there and bone some teachers away from home. The fucked up school board (Hunter) approved all that waste of money. Ron Clark is a CHARTER school with 3 or 4 grades. WLS
got nothing out of it for all those trips. Hickey = major con man. Had Hunter and a few school board members wrapped around his fingers. The board members that didn't fall for his bullshit are the ones he had Bumhower attack.
Look at this scenario. Your a young 15 year old girl and have this adult teacher talk you into having sex with him because you're "special". Word gets back to some administrators that this teacher is up to no good. Instead of causing a big stink and to avoid all the negative publicity, they tell this jack off to resign and get the fuck out. He does so. The parents of these girls are ashamed and embarrass and just want to forget it happened. Fast foward 30 years. Your these girls. What do you do? Bring charges against guy and rehash the whole thing and go through all the embarrassment again or take some money off of him to remain silent?
I think they took the money. At this point I would to. Addison was at fault back then for passing on a pedophile. WLS was at fault for not investigating Hickey when the Addison
allegations were brought to their attention back in 2007. Shame on them all.
Wonder if Cedar Creek church will have hickey make any more tv video's for them?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Let's not forget that our fine councilwoman Webb testified on behalf of Baumhowers character at this trial.

Webb is also Canales best friend and has helped guide and introduce Canales every where and Canales was the only candidate during the 2015 school board election that Baumhower didn't crucify or lie about. Coincident; I think not.

We all need to wake up in this city before keep letting fake smiley Webb and croonies ruin it.

Another thought: Webb has kids at Shoreland in WLS district and also where the Cedar CREEK people are allowed and were brought in to volunteer to read to students.

I wouldn't be surpised if Baumhower finds himself born again at this church soon. Sitting with Webb on one side and Canales on the next and Hickey in the rear.

Rebecca R.

But we can sit here and lay out facts about these people until the end of time. The koolaid drinkers will never give up the ghost on any of them.

Let's hope in 2017 the voters will speak up in the polls.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Well put, GoBlue!

I wonder if Hickey's erratic behavior has anything to do with this...

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Is it coincidental that Baumhower's behavior is off the chart also??

Is that Patrick Hickey's brother?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Lunacy must run in the family.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Without a doubt, Webb and Canales are frauds. Probably taking payoff's also. Maybe romeo
Bumhower was giving them some bone also. Sadly as Goblue pointed out, the koolaid drinkers will go on thinking that Hickey is a great and holy man and was railroaded by a few of the school board members. Alot of the parents of those kids that Hickey was always
hugging and fawning over are naive and really believe that Hickey was sincere when in fact it was just another photo op for his self promotion. I wander if Hickey will be taking his usual
summer vacation up north at Hunter's cottage or is Hunter the one who goes to Hickey's cottage, i forget. Low and behold, Hickey finally gets thrown out and Hunter's daugher-in-law
had to take a job with another school district. Canales , the high school dropout who doesn't even live in WLS district, was thrown off the school board once because of her incompetence gets put back on, thanks to Hickey and Webb. The stupid ass voters keep falling for the same shit.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Canales now WORKS for General Truck and voted at the last board meeting for WLS to purchase land (at a greatly inflated price!) from General Truck for over $200,000!!! The BOE allowed the HS dropout to vote for her own employer to sell land at a profit to the board she sits on!!!! HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT??!!!!!

It seems to me that SwampBubbles user/posters skibooty, rebeccar, GoBlue2013, and DonnaHoney, all have similar word usage and writing style to that of Terri Kern.
What a coincidence! Or, is it?

A writing style expert now are you? Or are you a closet koolaid drinker trying to soften the criticism to this cast of dimwits we are talking about?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Hey, DonnaHoney: Your kind words are appreciated. It is always nice to know there are still people in the world who are not only civil to others, but who can also communicate in an intelligent manner.
BTW: Here are two quotes from a friend of mine:
"Gratuitous profanity is often used by those who feel their arguments are so weak they require the use of strong language to reinforce those arguments."
"Add personal attacks to your occasional profanity, and it all adds up to the intellectual vacuity of your positions!"
- Dale Pertcheck

I can assure you that I am not Terri Kern. The only thing me and her probably have in common is higher education. Also, please note that I did not use any profanity. I do however, have multiple credible sources to back up everything I did in fact say.

Rebecca R.

Hey Rollo. You didn't answer the question. So anyone who uses a cussword in a conversation about a subject they feel strongly about is not an intellectual? You'd fit right in over at TT (or are you banned there) ,with the sexless depend crowd that likes to use big words and hijack threads in an attempt to impress people how "intellectual" and smart they are. I have a word for people such as this:JACKOFF. if the shoe fits wear it.
Have a nice day:)

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Interesting how your writing, Roland Hansen, matches the idiocy of Jeremy and/or his koolaid drinkers. Like it or not, these fact uncover the real Hickey and Baumhower. As for the victims being paid off, that offer was made to at least one of those young girls. Right on spot.

No, Roland, I am not the multitude of people on here, Toledo Talk, Facebook, Twitter and walking the streets who speak out against these abusive men. I have NEVER hid behind a fake name to say what I think. As a matter of fact, Hickey has sent me many messages over the last several months indicated he is going to sue me for defaming his sterling reputation. I have told him repeatedly - BRING IT. The truth is a defense.

NEWSFLASH TO ALL - there are MANY community members who loathe Hickey and Baumhower, and way before I came along. There hasn't been a day that's gone by that someone doesn't tell me how much they can't stand one or the other or both of them.

Hickey's Addison history was presented to the public and people have come to their own conclusions on the matter. My goal was to educate the voters on who would make the best BOE members with him in the Superintendent chair in order to hold him accountable for his ridiculous behavior. That point is moot now.

The end.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

If I'm Terri Kern then you must be Patrick Hickey.

I just have 2 things to say to you friend: "Check ID."

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

make sure that any specific charges you make in public can be proved. Freedom of speech is limited to the truth. Truth is often slippery, because what we know as truth is sometimes unprovable. Take care.
As a former teacher, I have a built-in bias against school administrators. They must prove themselves to me that they have the best interests of the students and those who deliver the services directly to the students at heart. If an administrator (or any other school employee) is in the school business for self-serving purposes, they lose my support.
I actually play senior softball with two retired school administrators who epitomize the best among this group. One is Tim Wilde, who states that his most fulfilling years were those he spent in the classroom. Tim is also a neighbor and close friend of a former dean with whom I worked at DeVeaux, who also worked hard to enhance the learning experience there, Fred Atkins.
The other retired school administrator is a former superintendent, who now sits on the Washington Local School Board, Jim Langenderfer. I think we know where Jim stands with Hickey. I fully support Jim.
Finally, and I believe importantly, I have been a close friend of Roland Hansen for over 50 years. I love him like a brother. In many ways, I am closer to him than I am to either one of my brothers. We have had strong disagreements right here in the Swamp! That does nothing to change my personal feelings about him. I may not always agree with Roland, but I know that he is, indeed, his own person, and does not "carry water" for anyone!

You may want to tell your friend Roland, who I have had good exchanges with in the past, rethink his accusations that I am 5 different people on here ripping on Hickey and Baumhower. It takes credibility away from him and the fact that there is a community of people who'd like to see them disappear without a trace.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

" and the fact that there is a community of people who'd like to see them disappear without a trace."
This is a excellent point Terri has made. Do you think that the handful of people
who post on here that are disgusted and sicken by what these two con artist did are the only ones? The majority of people with kids in WLS will not speak out due to fear of retaliation against their kids somewhere along the line. This IS fact and happens all the time. The Administration covers for each other and holds all the power especially when you have a weak school board that the Admin can manipulate with ease. The few people left who think Hickey is still a god are low iq, low self esteem individuals. Dale said Roland is a good guy. Maybe he just mis-spoke or was just thinking out loud,. The bottom line is the majority of WLS taxpayer's , as Terri has said, just want the two stooges to go away (hopefully to another state). Thank you and God bless America!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

CASE SET FOR A PLEA ON 08-26-2016 AT 8:30 AM

After all of Jeremy Baumhowers nasty comments, postings on Facebook and iheartglasscity about people who have nothing to do with his sick problems, I truly hope his judge finds jail time appropriate. These are his registered domains he has operated.

Domain Name Creation Date Registrar 2015-08-10 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-21 GODADDY.COM, LLC ***************** 2015-11-11 WILD WEST DOMAINS, LLC ********* 2014-03-25 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-12-08 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-17 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-21 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-02-05 GODADDY.COM, LLC

He set this website up after Terri Kern filed a complaint against him in Lucas County for harrassment. Do you think he had plans for her in mind??

Just checking. Seems to me that there was quite a spin put on my comments. And, some erroneus conclusions were made along with malicious accusations.
Oh well, this is The Swamp, after all.

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