So I was flipping around channels and lo and behold who do I see on MSNBC? Brian Williams! At first I thought he might have been brought back to report on Hillary lying (after all, he can relate), but I checked and saw that he is a permanent fixture on that stellar network. I'm telling you--it's a match made in heaven!

Anyway, Williams was reporting on the Dallas shootings; and he had quite the tale to tell:

Williams said, "I was on the streets of Dallas covering the protest. The warm wind was blowing in my face. Suddenly--gunshots! I flew through the air--putting myself between the gunman and an innocent bystander. Then I see a policeman whose gun had jammed, and I jump on top of him--shielding him from harm. I couldn't help but think, 'Thank God that my helicopter experience in Iraq prepared me for this.' Next thing I know there's a flood with lots of dead bodies floating down the street--wait, that's another story."

Brian Williams--an American hero.

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Well done!

Thank you!

HaHa good one. What is even better is watching Fox news superstar Bill o'rielly going on talk
shows telling everyone about all the books that "HE Wrote". I laugh every time I see him out promoting his latest book that "He wrote" wink wink. Btw, I have read all of his Killing books and thought that they were great. Martin Dugard did a great job. LOL

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Donna (may I call you) Honey: I know exactly what you mean--I chuckle every time I hear someone refer to the books Obama "has written." I hope the real author, Bill Ayers, has gotten royalties (even he couldn't keep it a secret that he wrote them).

Still hurts huh?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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