If you haven’t heard about Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton in a private plane in Arizona—this post is probably not for you. That’s because it assumes that you are at least somewhat aware of this occurrence and have an idea as to why it’s a hot topic.

But if you’re like me, for situations like these I long for a timeline of information. I can’t stand listening to the agenda-driven television “news” commentators drone on about what they suppose—who cares?

I finally heard an interview with the Arizona television station reporter, Christopher Sign, who was tipped-off as to the fact that Clinton was waiting on his private plane for the arrival of Lynch’s private plane. The reporter travelled to the airport and here’s what he witnessed:

Bill Clinton’s private plane was sitting on the part of the tarmac reserved for private planes of what the reporter described as “dignitaries.” He was scheduled to take off; but for reasons that have not been made public, his departure was delayed.

Lynch’s private plane lands—at the scheduled time—in this same “dignitary” portion of the tarmac.

People step off from Lynch’s plane.

Bill Clinton walks over to and enters her plane.

Lynch and Clinton speak for 30 minutes.

FBI agents on the tarmac instruct reporters not to take photos or use their cell phones.

Now for the supposition:

Who’s to say this is the first meeting between the two since the investigation began? Who’s to say that Bill Clinton hasn’t been “advising” Lynch on the investigation all along?

Lynch must be the dumbest person on earth. Someone holding the highest legal position in the Country can’t ascertain that at the very least it would look bad—and at worst—would be unethical for her to meet with the husband of someone that her office is investigating? Or maybe she isn’t dumb—just scared. Or maybe she isn’t scared—just worried about losing her job. Either way, Lynch doesn’t appear to be the brightest bulb.

Clinton isn’t dumb. He’s cunning (among other things). He had to have known getting out of his plane and walking to Lynch’s would not look good. So, he either did this because he truly is losing it—as his recent public appearances seem to imply; or it was a calculated move. It’s difficult to scheme at the level of the Clintons, but do you suppose they got word Lynch was leaning toward indicting Hillary—and knowing that Lynch’s willingness to meet with him would reflect poorly on her—Clinton went out-of-his way to besmirch her reputation? Think about it. If Lynch would have gotten out of her plane and walked to his, there could always be the denial that Clinton was in the other plane. As a sitting U.S. Cabinet member, it’s much easier to track Lynch’s whereabouts.

Isn’t it strange that we haven’t heard anything from Bill Clinton about this? It sure looks like he’s abandoned Lynch.

Why was Clinton at that airport in the first place? Lynch seemed to think he had been golfing (which is not so smart for a 70-year-old-man with a history of heart disease to do in 100+ degree heat), but the local reporters have not been able to confirm that.

Clinton apologists will explain, “They were just talking about their grandchildren.” If that’s true, it shows their total disregard for the appearance of legal propriety. The Clinton double-standard.

This interaction between the attorney general and former President lowers the U.S. to the level of some banana republic where the blatant misdeeds of the ruling class are ignored or accepted.

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If she chooses not to indict, impeachment for her.

What's wrong with Bill Clinton having a meeting with the AG to let her know when Hillary becomes POTUS she will continue to be the AG?

I sometimes listen or read comments made by Democrat liberals and wonder, "Could there actually be people so clueless?" I rest my case.

Want to get a conservative angry? Lie to them.

Want to get a liberal angry? Tell them the truth.


Seems, however, that conservatives do not like the truth either. For instance, the most prosperous times in America since World War II were when Bill Clinton did what most conservatives said was impossible and balanced the federal budget. Conservative Republicans, and Ross Perot, said that this was impossible at the time!
Bill even had the federal budget process on a path to PAY OFF THE ENTIRE NATIONAL DEBT! But, conservatives can't stand this truth! These are just some of those nasty facts which get in the way of fallacious conservative opinions!
Oh...for the record...the last POTUS to balance a federal budget before Bill was LBJ! The last Republican POTUS to balance a federal budget was Ike. And the top rate of the federal income tax was at 90% then! (Who said that taxes never go down? Another conservative myth proved wrong!)

Hey--the New York Post stole my headline!

Want to get a conservative angry? Make them have sex with their wives.

Want to get a liberal angry? Tell them trickle down economics works.


Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Well put!

Donna (may I call you) Honey:

Want to make a Conservative angry? Tell them that it's acceptable in the Middle East to rape women.

Want to make a Liberal angry? Tell him he has to sleep with a woman.

This is fun!

Want to make a conservative angry? Tell him that it is rape to have sex with any woman (or man) he wants against her (or his) will whenever he wants to have sex, including his wife.

Want to make a liberal angry? Tell him his daughter is going to marry a conservative.

I agree...this is fun!!

Want to make a conservative happy? Give him a map and directions of all the men's bathrooms in airports.

Want to make a liberal Happy? Tell him what airport the conservative is stalking so he can call the police.

Ooh, ooh, ooh--I got one:

Want to make a Conservative happy? Tell them that taxes will be cut.

Want to make a Liberal happy? Tell them that their government check will arrive a day early.

Want to make a conservative happy? Tell him his tiny hands aren't tiny.

Want to make a liberal happy? Tell him where he can buy extra large condoms.

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