Parallels between Baylor University scandal and Republican Party's nominating The Donald for POTUS

Baylor University is a Christian, faith-based, private university the leadership of which enabled innumerable male university athletes in allowing them to create and maintain an air of sexual terror among the female population of that campus. Today's Republican Party, which purports to be a defender of traditional Christian family values, has leaders who are currently falling all over themselves to curry favor with a serial marrier and womanizer known as The Donald, [Don the Liar, the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like], who has vaulted into the Republican nomination for POTUS.

Both of these situations are undermining venerable institutions because leaders in each case care more about the expediency of near-term success over the common sense of reinforcing ideals of longer-term values.
IMHO...the most fascinating sideline to these current events is that one Kenneth Starr has been demoted at Baylor University, from President to Chancellor, because he failed to properly react to protect female students at Baylor from repeated sexual assaults, including rapes. Why is this so ironic? Because this is the same Ken Starr who was selected to prosecute Bill Clinton for sexual improprieties while in public office. The evidence gathered by Ken Starr was used in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, in a clearly partisan prosecution in the United States Senate, which ended with acquittal -- of course. And now, Don the Liar, the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, is resurrecting Bill's impeachment to attack Hillary. How hypocritical can he be!?

The modern Republican Party, just like Baylor University, will still flaunt their religiosity, their holier-than-thou me on that. As both do so, just how genuine are those claims?

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I trust no one who thinks the New Testament is more than a historical account of how Christianity got started.

include churches, Jewish temples and synagogues, mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, among them. I have always walked out of each of these buildings feeling better than when I entered them. I respect all religions, and those who chose to follow no religion. To me, that is what America is all about.
IMHO -- Any religion which makes the follower more comfortable with this thing called life, and makes the follower more inclined to love rather than to hate others, is a good religion. As Thomas Jefferson stated over 200 years ago, "I have never considered a difference in politics, in religion, in philosophy as cause for withdrawing from a friend."

Well said Dale!

Thanks BN!

I almost agree with you, Dale. But, the grim reality is that there are religions that are practiced in such a xenophobic way they consider anyone who doesn't believe like they do or look like they do are sub-human. Example, the KKK, Islamic Terrorist. Religion truly is the opium of the masses. History and present day behaviors show this.

ANYTHING can be used for good or evil. Religion, as I pointed out, when practiced the right way, can be a most positive thing. I have a friend and former teaching colleague who has become a very active member of a high-profile local Christian church. He has made several missions to Central America. He has helped the less fortunate there. What can be bad about that? My wife and I have been to the Perrysburg mosque many times. We have taken the tour, too. Those who conduct the tour always make the point that the Islamic faith they and most Muslims around the world follow, emphasizes peace and harmony among all people. At my local temple, the regular Sabbath service, and the special High Holiday service as well, contain a part which expresses the hope for a time when all the peoples of the earth will live as brothers and sisters. Most who practice one of the major religions seek to build bridges of understanding to others with whom they share this tiny planet.
On the other hand, extremists of every major faith use their interpretation of specially selected quotations from their holy book or books as an excuse to build walls around themselves and others most like themselves. Along with Hitler, we can add people like Charlie Manson and Jim Jones, among many, many others, who used a very distorted view of Christianity for evil purposes. Don't they ever ask -- seriously -- WWJD? The description of Hitler by Winston Churchill comes to mind. Churchill called Hitler, "A maniac of ferocious genius." Maniacs just don't process ideas the same way most of us do. That's why they're maniacs, after all!
We all have the choice to build walls or bridges. I try to build bridges. We all know what The Donald prefers to build!

He is so often talking about the visual image of women. Not only does he disparage the way many women look, take Carly Fiorina for example, but he says things like, "Aren't the women around me the most beautiful women surrounding any candidate?" This all goes back to a previous post of mine when I said that The Donald runs his campaign for POTUS on the same level as an elementary student running for president of his 5th grade classroom.

So what's my point? When we diminish the value of women to their appeal as sexual objects only, no matter how accomplished they may be in any field but that of beauty queen, they are much more likely to be seen as targets by sexual predators. At Baylor, those young men did not see their victims as accomplished college students, and/or student-athletes. They only viewed them as objects for sexual exploitation. The Donald and his fellow travelers reinforce this view of females in our society, and it is morally corrupt. It plays right into the same views that extremist Muslims have of women as objects to be used and/or abused any way a man wants to do so. After all, in many places, women are still stoned to death if they are a victim of rape! How depraved is that?! Ask the female victims at Baylor how they felt after they told their stories to the "proper authorities" and had their allegations ignored?

In the last century more people were killed by governments that were not religious at all. More died in gulags and in the Great Leap Forward than died in the Holocaust. These were not tied to religions in any way.

Ironically these deaths were not from xenophobia either.

The biggest threat to humans are governments that systemically centralize power under the control of a few. Sadly many have not realized this.


religions, and those who are better people for following any of those religions. I also respect those who are of high moral character but are atheists and/or agnostics. My point is hypocrisy. Two of the people I call friend openly talk of their atheism, and both are of the highest moral character! Pronouncements about how "religious" one is, has nothing to do with morality.
Having a morality-based religious message, and doing immoral acts is particularly egregious in my eyes. Baylor University is a religiously-based place of higher learning. Mothers and fathers send their sons and daughters there to get an education in an environment they assume will be safer and more focused on academia than would be the case at a non-religiously based post-secondary school. Baylor's focus upon athletic teams and their prowess so much so that the entire institution was geared toward protecting athletes who only attended Baylor for self-aggrandisement in every way, left thousands of women unprotected, disrespected, and under-appreciated. Since, statistically, reported sexual assaults are only a small fraction of the total of women (and men) sexually assaulted, the number of victims of sexual assaults and/or rape at Baylor is most likely in the dozens of even the hundreds!
Most importantly, for the discussion here, the attitude of The Donald toward women being judged overwhelmingly by their outward appearance, feeds this frenzy of immorality toward women. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party in 2016, claiming some type of moral high-ground as the self-proclaimed "family values" political party, is just plain sick! Their POTUS candidate is Lyin' Don, the Michelin Man, who never met a burger he didn't like: a serial marrier, who would like to date his own flesh-and-blood daughter. Just how sick is that? WWJD?

Dale as usual you believe I was addressing you. The comment I replied to was ZC's.

Your posts are long rambling and not broken up into paragraphs like one should expect a teacher to communicate this I will not be reading an unending string of thoughts devoid of basic organization.


ignore it. As I state ad nauseum...never allow facts to get in the way of your opinions. I have expected better of you, Mikey. I guess I was wrong.

As a teacher, I used mostly the Socratic style. I never lectured and I never wrote out my thoughts for them to read. What a bore! I had them ask questions, and encouraged other students to answer. I also answered questions. And, I always labeled facts as facts and opinions as opinions.

I wasn't replying to you. I was replying to ZC who claims to have a Masters and is a big boy and can take care of himself.

If you'd like a discussion with me on your separate topics then start a new comment, address me, and for gods sakes make it follow a cogent structure of communication.


you give up answering my posts. Instead of answering a perfectly logical post, you attack the poster. I guess you learned how to debate from Trump know, the university that closed...the university being sued for not producing what The Donald promised it would.

And, I guess we now have a new member of the grammar police! Mikey, when did rules of grammar apply to these posts? And, if you really want to go there, I'll start critiquing everything you post here. I really don't want to go there, but if you keep criticizing the way I write, expect the same in return!

Whatever you do, Mikey, express your views on emotion only, and don't allow facts to get in the way! (This is a change for you. I truly used to enjoy the back-and-forth with someone who brought out facts on his side.)
However, as I stated months ago, when it comes down to November, Mikey, you will vote for Lyin' Don, the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like. You and the other lemmings will just follow Lyin' Don right over the cliff!

Lol more hyperbole.

The fact is by posting in the manner you were displays a lack of clear thought and just a string of thoughts mashed together. For someone who has educated youths it should have been beneath you to respond in such a way.


My posts make perfect sense. If you do not read them, how can you judge them anyway?

proper communication to refer to that person by the name or pseudonym they use. That would ensure that there is no confusion. This is called proper communication. It seems as though your communication skills need some work, Mikey!

That will be relevant the day I begin using a pseudonym. I have not used one.


language. Here are the words I posted: "If you direct your post at another poster, it is proper communication to refer to that poster BY THE NAME [emphasis added] or the pseudonym they use." You are the one who fails to use either on many posts. Then, you complain because, according to you, I sometimes misinterpret a post aimed at someone else as being aimed at me. And "MikeyA" is NOT a full name. Chris, Roland, and I use our full names. Some others may do so also. You are not one of them, Mikey.
Mikey...I'm trying to help you to communicate more effectively here. Just tell us to whom you are referring. It's really quite simple to do.

BTW readers: This is what one could call "hijacking" a thread. Mikey has, successfully I might add, veered this thread away from the demeaning of women by Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like. Mikey's diligence does not change the fact that the Republicans cannot keep kicking large groups of folks in the face who traditionally vote in the majority for Democrats, and expect them to vote Republican just because!

We all know you can't read, anyway, MikeyA. Someone has to read the posts to you.

You claim I cannot read yet you refuse to respond to the facts that athiestic governments are deadlier than any religious organization has ever been. I gave two examples and I can provide more if you would like.


Please don't provide additional examples. Your posting style is horrible.

Says the guy who says something is in the constitution yet quotes the declaration of independence yet... apparently holds a master's degree. Suuuuuuuuure!


killed in the name of Atheism! Yet, extremist religionists of all the major religions have killed in the name of their sick interpretation of their religion: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists; all of them. Killing in the name of the Prince of Peace, seems to me to be particularly egregious!
In addition, Communism has acted, and continues to act, much like a religion. Christianity has its crosses and artifacts dedicated to Jesus and his Disciples, Mary, and others. Communism in the former Soviet Union had its cult-like treatment of Lenin and Stalin. In China, Mao is still treated much like a deity. In North Korea, there is a dynasty of unquestioned leaders from one family, with pictures of Kim Jung-un throughout the land! If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, guess what, Mikey?

BTW, Mikey -- Apparently, you share a lot in common with Kim Jong-un as far as your choice for POTUS goes. North Korea likes Lyin' Don the Michelin Man! If Kim could vote for the POTUS...

I'm glad MikeyA is not an alleged Marine anymore. People in our military should be interested in protecting all of America's Citizens, instead of being on government welfare.

Sorry to break your heart but I'm still a Marine.

Welfare is when you get money for not doing anything. The military earns every cent it gets. But thank you for admitting your anti-military bias.


MikeyA couldn't be doing very much. He's always blogging on SB.

My reading habits here on SB have stayed the same but my posting habits have actually slowed.

In the military you are always on call 24/7. Even more so as you gain in rank. Thus I have never thought twice about posting here. The government gets its fair share of work out of me.

Yet you are not as open about your job situation. Hmmm I wonder why.


There you go, getting paranoid again. To be nice, I will tell you what I do. I teach advanced mathematics.

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