I mean really...Is this what a Presidential candidate is stooping to? Would Ike do this? Or Ronnie? Or Barry? Or Hillary? Or Bush #41? Or Bush #43?


Here's a link to an article about The Donald criticizing the way Kasich eats. This is not a joke. Read for yourself: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/trump-relentlessly-mocks-kasich-never...
Note: this is not a criticism of Kasich's job as Governor of Ohio. This is not a criticism of Kasich's proposals for the Middle East. This is not a criticism of Kasich's economic plans. The Donald chooses to criticize the way the man eats! Then, he has the nerve to suggest that he has eaten with his own children ehough to even know how they eat? And to which children is The Donald referring? Those from marriage #1? The one from marriage #2? Or the one from marriage #3? The Donald is a serial marrier and baby maker, and he's worried about the way Kasich eats? This is an important issue in a Presidential campaign?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am not a Republican. If this is the person most Republicans want to be their candidate for POTUS, so be it.

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I remember the Reagans made a comment about the Carter family. They said . " It's time to stop eating ribs in the Whitehouse".

Republicans. In addition, to me, if accurate, this was a comment on what would or should be served at the White House, and stated in a jocular manner.
If you watch The Donald's rant, it would be embarrassing to me if done by the leading Democratic candidate about any opposing candidate. The Donald made it seem as though a candidate's style of eating is a legitimate criterion upon which to base whether or not one would vote for this person for POTUS. Ludicrous!

probably more accurate things to criticize him for.

bully. He's running his campaign to be POTUS as if he were a campaign for president of his 5th grade. "She's ugly!" "I'm better looking than he is!" "He eats funny!" "Everybody hates him!" "He's too little!" And, whenever a real Republican leader confronts him, The Donald insults him or her. Remember when this coward who avoided military service in Vietnam, criticized John McCain for getting captured while serving there? Whatever the opposite of patriot is, that's The Donald!
Is The Donald making you proud to be a Republican, Chris? We are not electing a "Bully-in-Chief."

Watching someone eat like one of the Three Stooges is great, man!

"Ew! Don't eat like that, Oscar (I mean John)!"
How very Presidential of The Donald!

It's a sad day for America that Donald Trump can behave like an adolescent and some people want him to be POTUS. The Donald and Cruz have both convinced me that reckless entitlement is the mindset of the present day Republican Party. If Bozo the Clown was running for POTUS I would vote for him before I's vote for Trump or Cruz. A Trump or Cruz win will diminish the position to the biggest joke on earth.

And totally of the cuff . He's not scripted . Folk are ready for spontanaety.
Alot of his comments are funny , like the border comment 2 days ago

says is "off the cuff." The Donald is an experienced entertainer. He is the most media savvy candidate for POTUS in history! The Donald is a bully, and classic narcissist. The Donald's messages appeal to the strongest of human emotions to attract attention, crowds, and, ultimately, votes. The Donald seeks to divide us. All he needs is the support of 50% +1. He really doesn't care if 49.99% oppose, or even hate him.
IMHO -- It is all now a game to The Donald. It's all about winning no matter how many get hurt. The Donald is so typical of those born into great wealth. He was born on 3rd base, and thought he hit a triple. He has lived a privileged life style, received a privileged education; yet, somehow, The Donald is able to convince millions of common folks that he relates to their daily struggles! What a crock!

Oh, I thought you wrote "What a co--!"
My bad!

Do you think that Hillary Clinton has ever criticized the way somebody looks? Do you think Barrack Obama has ever criticized how somebody looks when they're doing something?

The difference is that they are too "politiciany" to say it in public, I like a person who says the same thing in front of me as they say behind my back.

behind their backs, does not mean everybody does this. Apparently, you want a narcissistic bully as our next POTUS. Glad you're happy with the Republican's choice!
Maybe this Hitler quote is one you like: "It is not truth that matters, but victory."

the number of Hispanics registering to vote is skyrocketing. More Hispanics, many who have lived here perfectly legally for decades but saw little advantage to becoming an American citizen, are now applying for citizenship, so that they can also register to vote, and vote against The Donald.
I have to hand it to The Donald on this one. He has often stated that he would get people to vote who have never voted before. He just left out the part about Hispanics registering for the first time, so that they can vote AGAINST The Donald, and all of the Republicans down the ticket who support The Donald. And, to The Donald's credit, he is transparent on this issue. He does say disparaging things about minorities and women in public, that most Republican politicians only say in private.

Some right here in the Swamp, have written about how sad it is that minorities and women don't vote in higher percentages for Republican candidates for POTUS. And, I keep pointing out that you can't keep kicking people in the face, and then expect them to vote for you. The Donald is, again, right on another thing. He could shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan and not lose a vote. But, he's wrong if he truly believes that a tweet of him eating a taco on Cinco de Mayo mends fences with Hispanics.
That sort of empty gesture shows that The Donald is a prototypical, rich Republican politician. In The Donald's world, he and the other super-rich think that most Hispanics are so shallow, that all one has to do to win their support is to eat a popular Hispanic food on one of their important holidays. How patrician of The Donald! How paternalistic!
Here's a link to an article about how the Hispanic vote has gone in POTUS elections since 1980. http://www.pewhispanic.org/2012/11/07/latino-voters-in-the-2012-election/
It shows that, while Bush #43 received 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004, Willard only obtained 27% in 2012. Will The Donald even get as much as 20%? And, to add to this problem for the Republicans, the number of registered Hispanic voters will be millions above what they were in 2004! And, once at the polls, how many of these newly minted Hispanic voters are likely to vote for other Republicans? Good thing the Republicans have all of those voter suppression laws on the books in a lot of states. They'd better get crackin' and pass a bunch more of them in order to keep down the minority vote!

Not a single hateful remark on this subject has ever fed a hungry child!

Isaiah 58:7 "Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help."

Of course, many might prefer Hitler's view on empathy and compassion: "Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice."

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