PH2 recall rumors

Word on the street is that there's a supposed recall petition out there for the recall of PH2.

Possibly led by a former fairly-known Democrat.

Not Carty or Konop. They would make this rumor even more juicy.

Anybody know anything?

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Toledo is seeing something that happens to cities that have been on a downward trajectory for a number of years. Most of the people who have the intellect, leadership skills, and successful business backgrounds needed to guide the local government down a path to prosperity have moved out of the city--and that won't improve.

If Hicks-Hudson is removed, another inexperienced, incompetent person who needs a taxpayer-funded job will step-up.

I don't think Hicks-Hudson is particularly ambitious--so she can't cause much harm.

If you look at the history of Toledo, incompetence and corruption has always been part of its personality.

half of the 20th Century. In the 1900 census, Toledo was the 26th largest city in America. By 1950, Toledo had dropped, but only to #36. The latest figures I could find, by late 2015, Toledo had plummeted to #67!
So, what happened? Toledo was a manufacturing hub. And Toledo's population consistently grew through the 1930 census. In fact, in 1930, Toledo's population was 290,718. That is above the population as of 2013, which was estimated as 282,313.
IMHO -- We cannot place all, or even most of the blame upon elected officials. People cannot be elected without votes...duh! And the "movers and shakers" in Toledo were more concerned with getting credit for things, and protecting their turf -- their piece of the proverbial pie -- even as that pie kept shrinking, rather than working together to make the pie bigger! That includes business leaders, financial leaders, labor leaders, the local media, and, yes, public office holders as well. But there is more than enough blame to go around.
Toledo has a lot going for it. Most of it is location, location, location. Toledo has both east-west and north-south interstates. Toledo has an underutilized, but functional, airport. Toledo has excellent railroad transportation. We have excellent port facilities from which things can be shipped, or arrive by ship, from around the world. Toledo is in the hub of many institutions of higher education, including one of the finest colleges in the world -- the University of Michigan -- only an hour away.
I could go on, but I've written too much as it is. Needless to say, the old adage comes into play here: "In a democracy, the people get the kind of government they deserve." Too many people do not want to be involved in politics in any way. I hear this all the time: "They're all the same. They're all a bunch of crooks. They have never had a real job in their entire lives." Of course, when you ask such a person if (s)he would ever want to run for office (her)himself, they say, "Of course not! Are you kidding?" So, this is what they get! Unless and until more common folks get involved in the political process and insist upon more cooperation among the various movers and shakers, nothing will change. And the tendency is for more and more people to get involved in politics who are more ideological and committed not to cooperation, but rather to political purity. Oh well...

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