Dangerous Actions


If Putin thinks he's bitch slapping O'Bama he damned well better understand he is doing that to all the American people. We will be here long after the current Potus' is put out to pasture.

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Agreed and hopefully Putin is reading this. Obama is temporary, we are not.

It's obvious that Putin is saber rattling. Putin's actions are not aimed at Obama. He knows an outgoing POTUS is not going to start a new war of any kind. and he is repositioning his position at a higher level if the Republicans win the Whitehouse.

The Donald is sure that he and Vlad will find common ground if The Donald is our next POTUS. So, Chris and Zeyad, not to worry if The Donald is elected. The Donald and Vlad will work it all out, and it will be HUGE!!
Poor Vlad, if he has to negotiate with The Donald! The Donald is, after all, the smartest man ever to run for POTUS. He will tell you that he's MUCH smarter than Vlad! Just ask him! The Donald is also the best looking, the richest, the most successful, the most likable, the most modest...OOPS -- scratch that last one!.

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