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For sure Derek Merrin and still torn between Cruz and Kasich.




was that I felt forced to vote for a person this time and could not choose the person I wanted. I hope that the primary system can be reworked to give everyone a chance to vote for the person that we want.

I prefer the parliamentary system to the presidential system, but the United States is not going to change within my lifetime, and may never change. I won't go into the advantages vs. the disadvantages here.
Many have lobbied over the years for a National Primary Day. That would give ALL of us an opportunity to have a plethora of choices. Maybe, there could be a follow-up National Primary Runoff Day. Do we then do away with the National Democratic and Republican Conventions? Such a system of a National Primary and National Runoff Primary would make the nominating conventions superfluous. The political parties already have national organizations which meet on a regular basis and do most of the necessary functions a national party must do without the necessity of a national nominating convention once every four years. That would take a sea change, and is highly unlikely.
Those who support the current system often point to the long gauntlet of elections, and the many joint appearances and/or debates, over a period of many months, as testing the mettle of a candidate better than any other system. And there is an element of truth to this view.
And, the details of the system are put in place by each individual political party. To me, the Republican Party took one of the worst features of the presidential election itself, and inculcated it into their selection system -- the winner-takes-all elections in many states. Winner-takes-all tends to grossly exaggerate the support attained by the winner. As an example, Ohio Governor Sick got less than 50% of the vote in Ohio, but he got every single one of the 66 delegates to the nominating convention. The other candidates were totally shut out. How is this democratic (with a small "d")? How does this measure the strong support among Republicans in Ohio for The Donald?
There is at least one more fascinating thing to me. Republicans insist upon calling the party of the mule, the "Democrat" Party. They refuse to call it the "Democratic" Party. Yet, a large number of the movers and shakers in the Republican Party make their process much LESS democratic (with a small "d"). NONE of the state Democratic Parties, in ANY state, made their nominating election a winner-takes-all election. To me, not only can they call themselves anything they want -- it's their political party, after all; but their keeping the individual state selection process proportional, earns them the right to call themselves what they truly are, the DEMOCRATIC (with the "ic" at the end) Party.

may be a good idea....

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