Vicki Donovan-Lyle campaign finance issues

A citizen emailed me this on Sunday - apparently Vicki has yet to file normal campaign finance reports. (Disclosure - I am not a fan of Vicki and will not be voting for her today nor ever again.)
As you are aware I had filed a complaint against Kevin Haddad regarding misinformation on his campaign signs.

Vicki Donovan-Lyle appears to be incompetent in various aspects of political life in addition to her inexcusable failure to pay property tax on more than one occasion. I submitted a complaint regarding irregularities in her filings with the Election Commission.

I would expect that the candidates we elect to office should be competent in following procedures and obligations that are demanded of them by law or regulation, both in their service to the electorate and in their personal lives.

Vicki Donovan-Lyle has had a litany of negligence episodes and I fear as a State Representative she will not be able to competently fulfill the duties expected of a person elected to such an important post in state government.

Besides failing to pay property taxes because of oversights as she claims, it appears that her active campaign failed to file a 2015 campaign financial report. In my complaint I attached her form designating a treasurer signed and dated December 15, 2015 indicating that she indeed had an active campaign last year requiring the filing, which would indicate the sources of campaign contributions required by ORC 3517.10.

In addition, upon filing her personal financial information with the Secretary of State, she omitted the page that requires additional income and investments. It was subsequently served as an addendum after notification by the state of her negligence to include it in the initial filing.

I am filing a formal complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission regarding the failure to comply with election laws in the submission of campaign contribution disclosure. The complaint reads as follows:

March 10, 2016

Ohio Elections Commission
77 S. High St., Suite 1850
Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Sir or Madam:

I, Denis C. K_____, a registered voter in Lucas County and resident of Ohio House District 47 am submitting this complaint against Vicki Donovan-Lyle candidate for the Republican nomination for state representative in the district.

3517.10 Ohio Revised Code states that an active campaign must file an annual campaign financial report. I am in receipt of said candidate’s form 30-D [Designation of Treasurer] from the Lucas County Board of Elections signed and dated December 15, 2015 listing Sara Everly of 4323 Robinhood LN, Toledo, OH 43623 as campaign treasurer. The appointment or designation of a treasurer indicates activity and by law candidate Vicki Donovan-Lyle was required to file a 2015 annual financial report, but there is no evidence that such a financial report was indeed filed electronically or on paper.

I am asking for the Commission to investigate this disregard of a candidate’s obligation to follow strict adherence to the law intended to make elections transparent and honest.

Following is contact information for the campaign:

Committee to Elect Donovan-Lyle
4428 Tamworth. Sylvania, OH 43560
Telephone: 419-882-4226


Denis K

Attachment: Designation of Treasurer submission

- - - - - - - - - -

Either incompetence or negligence or a combination of the two is not a very good attribute for anyone with aspirations to govern or legislate. I fear her past history is an indication of her aptitude and proficiency in handling the most menial of tasks. The weight of responsibility holding a seat in the House Chamber leads me to believe adeptness in executing duties and responsibilities is of the utmost importance. Given her past performance there is little that assures me she would be a capable representative to citizens in the district.


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that you will vote for her opponent in the General Election? I know that I will!

It looks like Vicki will be stuck on the school board. I'd do some homework before voting for the Sarantou boy. He ran unopposed, his dirt hasn't been dug up yet....

have to worry about this, but I suspect that Vicki is going to be done on the school board too after her term is up.

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