Am I the only one who sees hypocrisy in The Donald calling for unity?

I listened to part of his speech. The Donald -- of all people -- decried the deep divisions in our country, after he has spent the entire campaign, since he entered the fray, ripping various ethnic and/or racial groups in our society. Throughout the campaign, he has used his favorite word [besides "You're fired!"] to describe most, if not all, of the Republicans running against him, calling them "idiots!" He also calls Cruz, "Ted the liar," and demeans Rubio as though he were a child, even though Rubio will turn 45 in a few months, a full 10 years beyond the minimum age of 35 for POTUS as it is in The Constitution.
[Is this a good way to divert attention from the fact that The Donald will soon turn 70!? This makes him older than Hillary! That would also make him the oldest person EVER to be inaugurated for a first term as POTUS, even older than Ronnie!]

In his usual bombast, The Donald claims that he will be the best uniter in the history of politics and government in this country. Well, he has been an unprecedented success at being a divider! I will not repeat the words which Willard expressed about The Donald. But, everyone thinking of backing The Donald would be wise to read them -- or reread them!

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Yet folk have given up on business as usual .
America first is can idea who's time has come .
Folk are worried about what's happened in Europe

Obama! The SCOTUS vacancy is a perfect example. The Republican senators won't even hold hearings for anyone proposed by Obama. How blatantly partisan! How divisive!

Remember when the Republicans took over control of the Senate (along with the House) after the 2014 elections? What did the Republican leaders say? (I'm paraphrsing here.) "We're going to flood the White House with bills that Obama doesn't like, so that he'll have to veto them. This will show the American public how obstructionist Obama is!" And the reality? The Republican House and the Republican Senate can't agree on almost ANYTHING. Obama has vetoed less bills than almost any other two-term POTUS in history!
If Republicans cannot agree with each other, how can they dare label Obama as obstructionist? What hypocrites!

IMHO -- The do-nothing -- Congress with its obstructionist ideology and persistent negativity -- has frustrated and angered the American public. And The Donald feeds this frenzy!
Really! Who could epitomize divisiveness more than The Donald? He violates Reagan's 11th Commandment almost every day!

Dale, he's using the Shaka Zulu approach to unification. Destroy all the peoples' leaders and swoop in as their new leader.

Vietnam. "We had to destroy the village in order to save it." They really said things like this. I remember it all too well!

The Donalds' call for unity is an obvious invitation for Kasich and Rubio to hit the road, along with any other hangers' on. The Country is already as fractured as I've ever seen it. If Trump is a new Shaka Zulu, he will truly unite us, but the new number of unhappy campers will reach the stratosphere.

as an immature child, what would one call it to ask them and their followers to unite behind The Donald.? I call it hypocrisy in the highest degree!

But, the speech I heard went far beyond that. The Donald, the man who has said negative things about several minorities, and the same man who has now admitted that he purposely hesitated to denounce extremist groups, decried how divided this country now is. What, exactly, has The Donald done to unite us. All he says is, [paraphrasing here] "I will be the greatest uniter of any President ever!"

The latest thing is the pledge he asked his followers to take -- a pledge of allegiance -- not to America -- no,no -- a pledge to The Donald. And he actually had them raise their right hands in what appeared to be a very reminiscent salute, as they made their pledge to him! WOW! Is this guy for real?
If, before this latest event, SNL had written a sketch on this same theme, they probably would not have been allowed to put it on the air because it would be considered too suggestive and too over-the-top!

Having his audience raise their hand and pledge their allegiance to him is from the Hitler SS playbook.

If it looks like a duck...

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