Trump and Finkbeiner are more similar than you think - don't fall for it

I am as shocked as the rest of you on how Donald Trump got to the point he is currently at because I was one of the people thinking he would implode at any time. But the personality he displays and the excusing of his bad behavior has made me uncomfortable. Trump's rise and character traits have some eerie parallels with former Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

I am scratching my head about how he got this way, but the similarities between Donald and Carty that are too close for my comfort and I hope that other people see it too.

In 2006, many Toledoans were enamored with the very independent Carty, who wore Toledo on his heart standing up for what he thought was right. We were already/familiar tired of him at the end of his first term but for some reason, he promised a different person. After the election, Carty was cute for several months, and then it turned into 3.5 years of nightmare, and I expect Trump to be the same.

Trump and Finkbeiner have the ability to shake off scandals that do in other people. This "Teflonlike" nature is most likely a result of people excusing the bad behavior on the personality and not the person. The problem with this is that we are so familiar with is that the personality trickles into decisions which then we wonder "What the heck this person is thinking?"

The media loved Finkbeiner unless you were one of the few locked out of One Government Center and they love Trump for some of the same reasons. They can't wait to cover all of his gaffs and activities so they won't try to look into all of his inconsistencies.

Trump and Finkbeiner were both all over the spectrum on the political scale at one time - that should say a lot about what to expect.

They both think they have a grand plan to make the __________ (fill it in) better but don't offer any specifics. They both think they are the best things and will be the best person to fix the country.

We all know that Carty did to Toledo, and we have unique insight into what Trump will do. I hope that people don't fall for it.

It is a shame that Trump is highlighting three critical issues facing America like illegal immigration (yes it is illegal we love legal immigrants), wanting to make America Great again and calling bull when there is bull. But he is the wrong messenger unfortunately because his positions are not tethered to principles, but tethered to what will get the most attention.

Republicans are tired of DC Republicans being all over the map when it comes to governing, will voting for someone with a demonstrated history of being all over the map change this? No. Cruz and Kasich are hands down better than Trump.

It is very seductive to fall for Trump's personality and to explain away the unexplainable and to say he won't be that bad, but we said that before and ended up regretting it. Don't fall for it!!

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A list of Carty's controversies:

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I'm ready to board the Trump train after March 15.
Til then I'm for Cruz . If the establishment is that worried about Trump , he may be the guy. his platform is good , his wife and kids are loved and nurtured . If you want to know what a man is like , look at his wife . Is she loved and nurtured

Which wife?

has gotten her a gig on DWTS! Here's a link to the article:

BTW -- Marla is The Donald's wife #2.

Trump will win, he has too much momentum. I will say I expected him to win more delegates on Tuesday. It means he didn't slam the door shut yet so it is still open.

Cruz and Bernie are both done. Neither are building coalitions. They are only winning where their supporters outnumber the others.


It's only a matter time that the Republican Party will dump Trump as a candidate representing the Republican Party. The Democrats want Trump to get the nomination so they can launch the political bombshells that will destroy Trump forever.

Is that a prediction?


awarded so far, he no longer has a statistical majority. That's an interesting statistic to me.

occasions. We are not friends by any means, but Carty never had a bad word to say to me, even when I was working for one of his opponents in one mayoral campaign and Carty and I met and talked together at the same event.

Carty is not The Donald. Carty never ran for public office as if it were a game he wanted to win at any cost. Carty never said things to cater to haters. Carty loves Toledo and the Toledo area. Carty cares. His ideas may not always make sense, but Carty truly cares. I really don't know if there's anything The Donald cares about outside of his children and his close friends.
Saying all of that, I wouldn't want to work for Carty. I knew someone fairly well who worked for him when he was in his first go-around as mayor, and Carty was too often irrational in his criticism of those who were among his cabinet members. On the other hand, no one worked harder for the City of Toledo than Carty did. With Carty, you get the bad with the good. But, Carty always wanted to do the right things for Toledo. Sometimes he just screwed up.

The Donald is just a jerk!

Thanks for writing it up and setting the record straight. Saved me the ink.

The Stain. They both put themselves first. They both are driven by personal ambition. They both seem to be willing to say anything, or do anything to win -- as though politics is a game. Politics gets to the heart of America. Whom we elect as our leaders is deadly serious, even though it doesn't hurt to inject humor into any campaign.
Winning and losing campaigns is not a personal struggle alone. The winners should always be the public, no matter which candidates emerge victorious on a given election day. It is about enhancing the human condition. It is not a game!

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