Kevin Haddad signs wrongly claim re-election - Haddad says they were vandalized

Tom Troy covers Kevin Haddad's sign debacle where either he forgot to cover up the "re" or it fell off or was pulled off. Tip to any candidate - don't reuse your sign unless you permanently alter them, because it is easy for the sticker to fall off. Kevin has used his signs multiple times and his "Working for you" assumes that he is already "working" therefore, it is not unreasonable for people to look at your sign with suspicion.

In full disclosure, I am supporting Derek Merrin ( in this election, and I have contributed to his campaign. After evaluating all of the candidates, he is the only one proven to hold government accountable.

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Vandalized? Get serious! At best, Haddad half-assed covering up the obviously fraudulent portion of his signs. If you're going to reuse them, you have a legal and moral obligation to maintain them. Haddad was, as usual, asleep at the wheel.

unlimited funds, but that would be an exception. And this may well be a case of dirty tricks. Dirty tricks happen, even in the race for POTUS! Just ask those running against [everybody hates] Ted Cruz!

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not support any of the Republican candidates for State Representative. I met Kevin Haddad when he was a Democrat. I have not voted for him since he became a Republican. And I have never met any of the other candidates, including the Democrat, Mr. Sarantou. I have met and had conversations with George Sarantou. And I like George! I don't even know if these two Sarantous are related.

Perhaps you'd be interested in Ohio Revised Code ยง3517.21(B)(1)

(B) No person, during the course of any campaign for nomination or election to public office or office of a political party, by means of campaign materials, including sample ballots, an advertisement on radio or television or in a newspaper or periodical, a public speech, press release, or otherwise, shall knowingly and with intent to affect the outcome of such campaign do any of the following:

(1) Use the title of an office not currently held by a candidate in a manner that implies that the candidate does currently hold that office or use the term "re-elect" when the candidate has never been elected at a primary, general, or special election to the office for which he or she is a candidate;

If it can be proved that Haddad "knowingly" violated this statute, he should pay for his wrongdoing. If it was a "dirty trick," shouldn't the trickster pay for vandalizing the sign(s)?
As I said, since Haddad became a Republican, I have neither supported him, nor voted for him. There are some Republicans I do like, such as George Sarantou.

Saw a comment that's so true on the Blade:

"gimme a break. Haddad's signs are a running joke. It's like, "what's he running for now"? sorry you forgot to cover everything up. Stick to hair."

Your "full disclosure" here makes your posted attack on Vicki Donovan-Lyle make a lot more sense. I had a hunch that there was a lot more behind that post than you revealed.
Now, primarily because of Republican gerrymandering, winning the Republican primary in this district is equivalent to being elected, so your initial attack was directed at someone you obviously believe has the better chance to beat your chosen candidate. I can live with that. I just believe that you should have stated your connection to the other candidate when you posted your original attack on Ms. Donovan-Lyle. At least the Haddad issue has more legitimacy, IMHO.
As I stated before, I will not vote in the Republican primary.


person who sits on the school board and does not pay property taxes is worthy of major criticism. Then her defense was she did not know they had to be paid, well that is even sillier. I am being up-front with my disclosures so people know where I am coming from. I am paying attention to the race so any news is of interest to me. I have to choose someone so researching and finding the best person is of importance. Vicki does not deserve to be on school board let alone a state rep. and Kevin supported Jon Stainbrook when he first ran so I would not support him. There is only one candidate worth supporting and as I post under my name, I also am disclosing my preference which is the right thing to do.

And you are entitled to your opinions and your choices among candidates to support, and for whom you will cast your vote. I just think that your "full disclosure" statement should have come with the initial post. And I still find the reasons for your opposition to Ms. Donovan-Lyle to be petty, but instead of "and vindictive," I'd substitute "and self-serving." You want your candidate to win. I can live with that.

But, hey, that's just me. And I don't even care which candidate is chosen by Republican voters. My basic position is that most Republican candidates favor privilege over opportunity, and most Democratic candidates favor opportunity over privilege, so I vote mostly for Democrats. Stating that, I cannot remember the last general election in which I voted for all Democrats. Along with George Sarantou, I also like Randy Gardner and Andy Douglas. They are among the Republicans I label as "common sense" Republicans.

primary is in 1.5 weeks. People need to decide and I have decided and let people know to not bias them. I can't help that the CMS cuts it where it does.

Not sure about the privileged thing but school board members should not withhold money from schools plain and simple. Excusing that is giving elected officials privilege - "some are more equal than others" so I can't believe that you have not said through this whole thing that it is wrong for her to owe the money because it is. So, I am holding anyone to the same standards, you are excusing and endorsing her excuses on why she did not do the right thing that she knew very well needed done.

realize that everyone makes mistakes. Even you and I make mistakes, Chris. Here's an example of why I feel that you are petty on this issue. You state, "school board members should not withhold money from schools plain and simple." You are making it sound as though, as a school board member, Ms. Donovan-Lyle made a conscious decision to withhold hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars from the Sylvania School District. She owed, what for most of us is a large sum of money, a few thousand dollars, but did that affect the ability of the Sylvania Schools to function? Of course not! This fits the definition of "making mountains out of molehills."

Chris, when was the last time you publicly endorsed a school levy? Your positions against every school levy about which you've taken a public position, and your support for all of the cuts to traditional public school funding at the state level done by Republican governors, and the Republican-controlled Ohio General Assembly, (and your support for candidates who would continue to slash traditional public education funding), would take, and have taken, MILLIONS away from local school districts, such as the Toledo Public Schools, the Washington Local Schools, and the Sylvania Public Schools!
These state cuts have created a system of winners and losers. Wealthier school districts, with wealthier residents, can more easily close the financial gaps created by the loss of state funding. Poorer school districts with more residents who have more modest incomes, cannot so easily pass local levies to make up for the lost state funding. DUH! That leads to the loss of opportunity for children living in those poorer districts, and for greater privilege for the children who are already privileged because their families live in wealthier school districts, and their parents are comparatively wealthy.
Denying legitimate support to traditional public schools favors privilege over opportunity. Children of the wealthy, and the super-rich will always get good to great educations, because their families have the money to pay for them to attend good to excellent non-public schools. When traditional public schools are given the resources necessary to properly educate the children of common folks, that favors opportunity over privilege.

I'll finish. Really I will. I feel impelled to give you two scenarios. I was just speaking with a parent of 4 of my former students. His second oldest daughter will be graduating with a degree in nursing, cum laude. He said to me -- I did NOT solicit this statement in any way -- 'Not bad, for a Toledo Public Schools' education. Huh?" One of my former students went on to become the valedictorian from Scott High School. She received a full-ride scholarship to Ohio State where she obtained her undergraduate degree in business. She now has a masters degree in education, and is teaching in the Toledo Public Schools.
These are examples of the opportunity available to the children of common folks when traditional public schools are properly funded! IMHO -- many rich folks hate this. They do not want a level playing field for the younger generations. Many rich folks want their children, their grandchildren, and future generations to ALWAYS have advantages that wealth will give them when competing for wealth and position in the future. When properly funded, and properly run, traditional public schools level out the playing field for ALL of our children. And guess to which candidates from which political party most of these wealthy and super-rich folks give money and ballot support?
I applaud your efforts to ensure the proper use of public funds, including those used to fund traditional public education, Chris. But when you fail to support ANY public funding for traditional public schools, it casts doubt upon your motives and upon anyone you would support for any public office which is part of the decision-making process for spending money for traditional public schools. At least Ms. Donovan-Lyle voted to ALLOW THE CITIZENS TO MAKE A CHOICE. Remember, she did NOT vote to raise taxes. She only voted to give the citizens the right to choose whether or not to raise taxes on themselves. My gut feeling is that this one vote is at the core of why you are making this "mountain" out of this particular "molehill."

home this afternoon. Both were in a lot next to the parking lot for the Village Inn bar/restaurant. The Haddad sign read "elect." I looked.

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