Republican convention this past Thursday!

Anyone watch? What a bunch of Jack off's. This is the best entertainment on TV. LOL

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I watched part of it while channel surfing. What I did see was awful. That was not a debate, it was mostly three spoiled brats acting out. I work with distressed children on occasion and frankly the children I have encountered who have some very serious behavior problems didn't act as bad as Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

The country can't afford to elect any of those three, especially Trump and Cruz. Plus, Trump has an East European wife. Does anyone knows if she may be influenced by the Russian Republic? I also ask if Cruz and Rubio have any leaning toward the Castro people in Cuba?

Trump acts like the POTUS is a new toy he wants to play with. Look at his gestures and his eyes. I truly believe Trump has some serious mental problems. To me he displays the characteristics of an extremist sociopath. So does Cruz. Rubio needs to find out where Batman is so he can play his role as a worthless side-kick.

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